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Apple macbook pro mb470ll a jm6y

apple macbook pro mb470ll a jm6y

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Apple macbook pro mb470ll a jm6y ravensword

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On October 20, , Apple released the second generation MacBook that introduced a new polycarbonate plastic unibody design, [46] faster DDR3 memory, a multi-touch trackpad, an LED-backlit display, and a built-in seven-hour battery. There is no infrared port and the Apple Remote is not included. On May 18, , the MacBook was refreshed with a faster processor, a faster graphics card, improved battery life, and the ability to pass audio through the Mini DisplayPort connector.

On July 20, , the MacBook was discontinued for consumer purchases, [6] but was still available to educational institutions until February This model has an all-white fingerprint-resistant glossy palm rest, unlike the grayish surface of its predecessor, and uses a multi-touch glass trackpad like the one found on the MacBook Pro. The video-out port is Mini DisplayPort.

The bottom of the MacBook features a rubberized non-slip finish. This was prone to peeling off and Apple offered free replacements fitted by authorised agents until at least internationally. The built-in battery of the late revision, a feature introduced earlier in the year with the MacBook Pro, is claimed by Apple to last seven hours compared with five hours in the older models. However, in tests conducted by Macworld , the battery was found to last only about four hours while playing video at full brightness with AirPort turned off.

Despite being hailed by Slashgear as "one of the best entry-level notebooks Apple have produced," the unibody MacBook has received criticism for its lack of a FireWire port and SD card slot. He also drew particular attention to the fact that the price was not lowered, stating the small price difference between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro makes it a "wasted pricing opportunity. AppleInsider states the new display "delivers significantly better color and viewing angle performance" than the previous MacBook, but still "not as vivid and wide-angle viewable as the MacBook Pro screens.

The rubber bottom of unibody MacBooks have been known to peel off. Apple has noticed this as a flaw and will replace the bottom for free, with or without a warranty. Some consumers have also reported defects in their LCD displays in mid— models. The MagSafe power adapter of MacBooks has been known to fray, break, and stop working.

Following a lawsuit, Apple replaces these adapters for US residents with affected adapters, purchased or received as a gift with computers or as an accessory. Some MacBooks are affected by the iSeeYou vulnerability, potentially allowing their iSight cameras to record the user without the user's knowledge.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Line of notebook computers by Apple. This includes Mac OS X This includes OS X Later versions of macOS no longer support Windows 7. See also: Timeline of Macintosh models. As the hard drive is a user-replaceable part, there are custom configurations available, including use of rpm drives or SSDs. As the hard drive is a user-replaceable part, there are custom configurations available, including use of 7,rpm drives and SSDs.

As the hard drive is a user-replaceable part, there are custom configurations possible, including capacities up to 2 TB and SSDs. For rotating drives, 5, rpm is recommended, for power and cooling reasons. It is possible to replace the optical drive with a caddy which accommodates an SSD or a second hard drive. Look for caddies which are intended for MacBook A models; there are similar but slightly different caddies which are intended for Mac mini models.

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March 3, Retrieved March 4, Retrieved November 9, October 28, Retrieved May 20, Archived from the original on July 22, Retrieved July 16, Highly recommend it! This is not an attempt to denigrate my PC. Several years ago my workplace switched us all to PCs, where I had spent most of my life well, from the release of the very first Macs working on Macintosh computers. In November, with changes at work, we were required to acquire our own Macintosh and I looked to Ebay as an outlet to do so at a reasonable price.

Initially I looked at the 13 inch Macbook Pro, but opted instead for the While I have gained an appreciation over the past few years for the capabilities of the PC platform, I am an individual who does a great deal of desktop publishing and photography. Macintosh just seems to meet my needs better and allows me to accomplish my assignments much more easily.

The multimedia capabilities are almost endless, especially in educati on, which is another reason I am pleased to be back working with the Macintosh. Frankly, I carry both computers in my briefcase. With my new Mac having a dual processor I know I will eventually be able to transfer my PC material to my Mac and run it natively, but for now, both computers have become fast friends and I want to keep them close. I bought this product due to the fact that it is the last year that the MacBook Pro was built to be easily upgraded.

The late model was the first year with the current aluminum unibody. In Apple made a change to the battery so they have to be serviced by Apple. For late the bottom cover was built in 2 pieces which makes access to the battery and hard drive easy. The and newer models have a single piece cover that requires you to remove 8 screws to have access to the hard drive and battery which can't be user replaced anymore. Even though the laptop was made back in its still a powerful performer.

With Apple laptops you don't have to be afraid of instant outdating. The hinge is a little bit loose, but it still can hold the screen. The battery cycle count is The installed MHz system bus of this Apple notebook prevents system bottlenecks and ensures smoother execution. Surf the internet with the high-speed Airport Extreme You can now exchange data with compatible devices through the Bluetooth 2.

Additional Product Features Display Technology. IEEE C2D machines not worth it. Macbook Pro is a pro laptop!! Great product don't be put off by the age of this laptop.

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Replacing the Battery in a MacBook Pro Unibody (2009-2012) in 5 Minutes! apple macbook pro mb470ll a jm6y

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