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Apple macbook pro retina docking station

apple macbook pro retina docking station

Formerly known as the Henge Dock, the Brydge Vertical Docking Station is available for the inch MacBook Air and the inch, inch, and inch MacBook. Vertical docking stations for MacBook Pro (inch and inch) and MacBook Air MacBook Air (Retina, inch, ); MacBook Air (Retina, inch, ). Henge Docks Vertical Docking Station in MacBook Pro Retina - Mid ; Color: Silver ; Ports: Thunderbolt 2, Audio Out, Thunderbolt 1, DisplayPort, Mini. FILEX You now have. Optional: Select the. Back Alternative way a dreaded topic. Also included initialisation height: 14U Installation. The user table maintaining overall network rent cover letter.

Compatible Brand:. For Apple. Compatible Laptop Size:. Compatible Model:. MacBook Pro Retina. Item Length:. Compatible Product Line:. Henge Docks. Docking Station. Cooling Type:. Passive Cooling. Item Height:.

Item Width:. Product Identifiers Brand. Cooling Type. Compatible Brand. Compatible Product Line. Compatible Model. Dimensions Item Length. My only minor complaint is that it is a little tricky to line up the ports when closing the dock, but other than that a big thumbs up. The best dock for MacBook!!!!

This is the best dock for your MacBook!!! Everything works great a the construction is very good!!! Prefer it to come with its own kensington, combination, 2M security lock. Landing Zone is able to ship internationally at this time.

So I am glad and satisfied with very good products and service. Cannot be more happy with it. Just as expected and promised. She gets to connect all her devices easily. The only port that does not go through the dock is the audio port, but it is no problem to plug this in to the MacBook air by hand once docked. Very well designed and very well made. Good staff I really like it! Macbook pro doc station It's a great product for a very good price.

Absolute Excellent Very good dockning station. Can strongly recommend this unit. Stephan Norway Dan W. Nice Dock, best available, Nice innovation. Good dock, works well. Very happy with it, and have recommended to others. The right hand side where the hdmi cable goes, I think does not come out far enough, making it a little hard to dock on occasion.

This consumed my entire bandwidth, and all other networking tasks stopped working during the file copies. I had to plug in a lightning bolt to ethernet adapter so I could work. Things that would make this better; Having one USB port near the displayport would have been nice so the LED Cinema Display cables were not so spread, it puts more tension on the cable than I would like, and the ability to utilise the LED Cinema magnetic power plug would have been great so I didn't need to run another power adapter.

Maybe one lightning port at the back so you can leave a least one lightning port device connected to the dock. How It Works MacBooks. Products Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station. For MacBook Pro. For MacBook Air. For inch MacBook. About Us. Support Download Drivers. Product Registration. Contact Us. User Guides. Customer Rating:. Screen Size 13 inch 15 inch. Are you a current student or education professional? You may qualify for our Educational Discount.

Student Educator School Staff. Is this order going to be shipped within the United States or Internationally? United States International. On Orders over 5 units, we offer bulk pricing. Contact sales landingzone.

Customers also bought:. Description Features Specifications Warranty Reviews. Turn your MacBook Pro into a powerful desktop system with no need to plug in cables each time you connect. Audio Port Supports the docking of speakers and headsets. Thank you Jay. Geoff H. Michael P. Really Well. Elliott H. Almost perfect. The LandingZone dock has everything I need at a reasonable price compared to other products out there. David S. Joseph M. Good looking security machine for laptop pc.

Shintaro M. I ordered this item at Educational Discount from Japan. Carlos C. It works like a charm and fits perfectly with my rMBP 13". Ken S. Just right. Wojciech W. Good staff. Gaghik K. Macbook pro doc station. Stephan C. Absolute Excellent. Very good dockning station. Stephan Norway. Dan W. The only issues I would report are; The right hand side where the hdmi cable goes, I think does not come out far enough, making it a little hard to dock on occasion.

Eyal G. Great, but …. Sometimes closing the dock lever required holding the macbook pro in place and manually adjusting the connector to smoothly fit in place, other than that - works great. Jonathon W. Jason R. Wonderful Device!! No more fussing with multiple cables and connections, just release and go. They are very pleased with this product.

I'll definitely be purchasing more of these! Seunghwan K. Good, but cannot charge my iPad with USB power. Good design, good quality, but power of USB port is too low to charge iPad. Maybe you cannot use some USB accessories which need more power than usual ex. Jonathan F. LandingZone Rocks!!! I always wanted a laptop with a docking station, but most laptop don't have this kind of accessories.

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I t calls itself just a h u b but this little lightweight box of ports has enough to go to battle with bigger, more expensive laptop docking stations — and is little enough to fit in your pocket and go travelling with you. Principally, it features super-fast 10Gb Ethernet rather than the standard 1Gb Gigabit connection found on the other docking stations reviewed here.

The Caldigit TS4 features 2. To get the most from this level of Ethernet you need to have compatible network devices. It also features a CFast 2. There are Thunderbolt docking stations with more ports and beefier chargers, but none have 10Gb Ethernet or CFast 2. Other docks have more than one port for external displays, but this one needs adapters to connect to displays — which adds to the overall cost.

That aside, the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock has everything a dock should have in a slick-looking slim case that will look good in any laptop setup. The StarTech. Being built for Thunderbolt 3, it can connect two external 4K displays at 60Hz, so is great for rich graphics and fast gaming action. One of the monitors can connect via the DisplayPort. Read our full StarTech. A non-USB-C monitor will require an adapter. You can use the spare TB3 port.

It looks just like a closed MacBook, except for a row of ports on either side, and a charging USB-C port at the back it requires a separate charger, but the one that shipped with your MacBook will be fine. But it does have two unique and incredibly useful features missing from other docking stations: up to a 27,mAh battery and the option to add up to 2TB of SSD memory within it — an almost unbelievable amount of battery capacity and storage for a laptop.

Adding a fat Ethernet port would maybe make this flat dock too high for its purpose. While the 13in Linedock can support only one external display, the 15in and 16in models can handle two — although, for now, all M1 Apple laptops can support only one external monitor anyway. This is meant to keep costs down, and the Linedock is already plenty expensive enough.

If you can afford it, the Linedock is a great hybrid of dock, battery and storage. The top of the dock features a cushioned and non-slip wireless charging pad that you can rest your phone on and start charging it without the need to take up one of the USB slots or find that pesky charging cable. Read our best MacBook accessories feature for more essential laptop gear.

Pros Thunderbolt 4 18 ports 98W PD 2. Cons Only two downstream TB4 ports. Pros 15 ports 87W PD Digital audio. Cons Thunderbolt 3 not 4. Pros Portable Dual display ports. Pros 11 fast ports 4x TB4 W power supply Power button. Cons 4. Cons 60W power maybe light for larger laptops. Pros Portable 85W passthrough charging. Works with USB-C and Thunderbolt laptops TB at reduced bandwidth I t calls itself just a h u b but this little lightweight box of ports has enough to go to battle with bigger, more expensive laptop docking stations — and is little enough to fit in your pocket and go travelling with you.

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock — ports aplenty. Pros 14 ports 85W PD. Cons Thunderbolt 3 not 4 MiniDP. Pros 12 ports 85W PD. Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Dock — Upright stand dock. Pros 10 ports vertical or horizontal. These are great ideas, but in other ways the Linedock seems a little out of date in places. You can use 3 Thunderbolt 4 ports to daisy-chain thunderbolt devices and get fast speeds down the entire line. Another nice feature is a three-year warranty and lifetime technical support to give you added peace of mind if you ever run into any issues.

This is another expensive dock, but its impressive performance and capabilities are worth it if you can afford it. The OWC Thunderbolt Hub is an affordable option with an approachable price tag while still offering quality performance and connectivity. This model provides you with 4 Thunderbolt 4 ports and 1 USB 3. You can also use the ports to charge up or power Thunderbolt devices, and the hub has an adjustable LED to give you customizable lighting to highlight your workspace.

You can also use the dock to charge up to 7 additional devices while still having it connected to your computer, thanks to 60W power delivery. It also has a compact design that will easily work with nearly any desk or workspace. You are limited with only two types of ports here, but it is still a highly effective docking station if it meets your needs. Here are some essential things to consider when choosing a docking station for your MacBook Pro. These will help you find a model that best suits your needs.

The most significant factor you want to pay attention to when choosing a docking station is the number and type of ports that it has. Most docking stations will have anywhere from 5 to 12 total ports. You also want to pay attention to the type of ports that the docking station has. Every docking station that you see in this post is compatible with the MacBook Pro. However, if you want to look at additional options or have a different year MacBook Pro, you need to make sure that the docking station you choose is compatible with your computer.

Compatibility usually comes down to the type of ports the computer has to ensure the docking station can plug into it. Just double-check for this compatibility before purchasing. Most models will list compatibility within their technical specs, but you can also look at pictures to see what sort of output connection the docking station has. Most docking stations have their own dedicated power source. This means they will have an electrical connection or power cord that needs to be plugged in for the station to turn on.

This can take up a port, which can limit total possible connectivity. In addition to knowing how the docking station powers up, you should also consider whether it can charge other devices. Like any tech product, cost is another major factor to consider with docking stations.

Some models can get pretty expensive. Here are a few quick answers to some of the most common docking station and MacBook Pro questions. Always check the technical specifications to determine the compatibility these docking stations offer. Apple does not make a branded docking station. The company lists a few different docking stations on its website, like the Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro , but they do not have an Apple-branded docking station available.

They are universal, but not entirely the same. You can learn more about Thunderbolt 4 by watching this short video on YouTube. This problem can be solved by purchasing a ton of dongles or just a single dock, which is a device that contains all the legacy ports but connects to your Mac via the USB-C port. It allows you to use everything you normally would without worrying about the lack of built-in ports on your Mac.

Docking station is one option. These docks can help you expand your connectivity capabilities and do things like connect multiple devices at once or use two or more monitors simultaneously. All of these docks can help you increase the power of an already very capable computer. Do you already have a favorite docking station for your new MacBook Pro? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below. Your email address will not be published.

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