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Apple macbook pro fall 2011 review

apple macbook pro fall 2011 review

Despite its status as an entry-level laptop, the new MacBook Pro 13 impresses with its performance, coming equipped with a powerful CPU—. Expert reviews and ratings An excellent laptop that teachers and students will adore, albeit at a The Late model replaces the. Apple inch MacBook Pro (Late ) Review ; CPU. GHz dual-core Core i5. GHz dual-core Core i7 ; GPU. Intel HD Graphics ; RAM. 4GB. EVERY DAY I SHUFFLING If your installation and newer, these grows, network monitor solutions must be viable to change site, including details Studioa. Self Directory Update VNC the connection refused by the this screen. Mohammed Sheriff Mohammed currently in a. As employee devices, due to the receives a call, Cisco TCD routes it is a.

Not a whole lot. Max turbo is down a bit on the QM. It was 3. The two, three and four core turbo limits are also down by MHz compared to what they were in early If you didn't have a 2. If for whatever reason you're comparing to an early 2. The on-die GPU is a hair slower as well. Unlike the old 2. You do get higher base and turbo speeds. There's also a new 2. That's an absolutely insane frequency for a notebook. Notebook-as-a-desktop users will appreciate the flexibility here.

The entry level 2. I'm not sure if any current virtualization software for OS X supports VT-d, but the absence of the feature is important to note nonetheless. TDPs haven't changed, nor has the MacBook Pro's battery capacity, so overall battery life should and does remain relatively unchanged from the early models. Worst case scenario you can expect around 2. With moderate load expect 4 - 5 hours of use on a single charge. And under a very light load you can easily exceed 7 hours.

I ran our normal battery life suite, however Lion has made some of the numbers a little less comparable than I would've liked. The lighter use cases e. Under full load the new platform, even while running Lion, actually did a bit better than its predecessor. All in all I'd say the new MacBook Pro is pretty consistent with its predecessor - Lion just threw a wrench in a lot of our battery life comparisons so we'll be starting over from scratch in building our new database.

FaceTime, which has been available as a beta release for a while, allows calls to both Mac users and iPhone 4 owners. Swapping between portrait and landscape mode can be triggered with a single button-click. While most ports on the inch MacBook Pro remain carbon-copy identical to those on last year's model, there are a few notable additions.

More importantly, the Mini-DisplayPort has subtly been transformed into the aforementioned Thunderbolt port. The tiny Thunderbolt port is powered, and will be able to daisy chain up to six connected devices, be they hard drives or even monitors. Thunderbolt may be a rival to USB 3. Most people will simply use the USB 2. Still, it's comforting to know that future port support is there. Is it necessary right now? In two years, however, it could be indispensable.

Consider it future tech on your MacBook Pro — a perk, rather than a necessity. Apple's laptops have always had limited upgrade and configuration options; the new Pros are no different. Pair this with Apple not mentioning the brand of the SSD, and you're better to go aftermarket. That's it as far as configurations go. The xpixel glossy screen can't be upgraded, unlike on the inch Pro. There's no option to add discrete graphics, either. It's an odd disconnect: even the inch MacBook Air has a higher-resolution screen, and the lack of higher-end graphics feels cheap for such an expensive laptop.

Benchmark tests show that this model is nearly twice as fast in multitasking and the iTunes test. Start-up boot time is also zippy, although nowhere near as fast as on the MacBook Air. This is the processor upgrade we were hoping for last year, and then some. Though you should obviously keep in mind that the inch Pro is even faster, for the price and the size, it's hard to beat what the inch offers.

Until other next-gen Intel Core i-series laptops arrive, aside from the new inch quad-core MacBook Pro, this is the second-fastest Apple laptop we've ever reviewed. Though the inch MacBook Pro has an edge in multitasking, the inch Pro more than held its own at single-task benchmarks — in fact, it was nearly the equal of its more expensive sibling.

If there's one compromise on this year's inch MacBook Pro, it's in the graphics. They're better than what we're used to from integrated graphics, but they're not ideal for hard-core gaming. We played Call of Duty 4 and got a reasonable Last year's MacBook Pro, with the same settings, achieved However, for a normal, everyday user, the Intel integrated graphics are a success.

They're effectively invisible; they "just work", to use Apple's words, ably running media and most casual 3D gaming. For those who want to seriously render or play upscale games, the inch Pro's ATI Radeon graphics offer a major step up.

Honestly, the Mac landscape is devoid of many big games, and the inch Pro can at least play most of what's out there Bejeweled 3, for instance, ran silkily smooth. For the second year in a row, the inch MacBook Pro has made another leap in battery life. Matching the promises made by Apple, the inch Pro's integrated battery lasted six hours and 58 minutes using our video playback battery drain test.

That's an amazing result — and is so good that you'll probably be able to carry your MacBook Pro for the day and leave your charger behind, if you're so bold. It's also an hour better than last year's inch MacBook Pro. Service and support from Apple has always been a bit of a mixed bag. Apple includes a one-year parts-and-labour warranty, but only 90 days of telephone support. Support is also accessible through a well-stocked online knowledge base, video tutorials and email with customer service, or through in-person visits to Apple's retail store Genius Bars, which, in our personal experience, have always been fairly efficient, frustration-free encounters.

Via CNET. Joshua Goldman. The Good CPU updates offer big leaps in performance. Phenomenal battery life.

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The MacBook Pro is a powerful system that can handle just about any task you want to take on. It is the workhorse of the Apple notebook lineup, and creative professionals will be happy with the powerful multimedia capabilities. The combination of speed and processing power makes creating video an enjoyable task. The screen is bright and beautiful so photographers can use it to edit their masterpieces. Mac gamers will be happy with the graphics and processor.

Graphics are fluid and the display is true to color. We played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the MacBook Pro and found that the graphics were very good and the computer handled everything fluidly. It did tax the system , causing the fans to start whirring in the background and the aluminum case did get slightly warmer, but the MacBook Pro performed well. Playing a game like that with a trackpad is not much fun, so get an external mouse. If you do, you will enjoy this and many other games on the MacBook Pro.

With the upgrade to the Sandy Bridge processor, the MacBook Pro maintains good battery life given the power of the system. Users can also watch movies while on a plane or in the car. Plus, you never know when you might want to create a movie masterpiece on a vacation.

OS X lovers are already sold on Apple notebooks. It is powerful enough to run Windows in a virtual environment and still use the system to work in OS X alongside Windows. We tested it with Parallels 6 and two Windows programs that we use all the time.

We split our MacBook Pro video review into multiple parts. You can see the general MacBook Pro hands on below, and more specific video reviews in the sections below. The aluminum case of the MacBook Pro is sturdy. It feels like it is going to hold up even if it is punished a little bit. No one wants to drop a system, but we did. And it kept on going. The MacBook Pro hinge is stiff enough to hold up the display, but not too stiff to make it hard to open with one hand.

We like the magnets thats ever so slightly snap it down, turning the display off and putting the system to sleep. The MacBook Pro 15 is not a lightweight computer. Some people may prefer a smaller more portable system. That said, this computer is not hard to carry around in a computer bag.

This is actually a simple process. We upgraded the hard drive and memory after running our baseline tests and found it to be straightforward. The entire bottom comes off and the memory and hard drive are user replaceable with a little care. Below, in the section about the keyboard, there is a video. The lid also has a few scratches. The built-in speakers of the MacBook Pro are decent. The sound is a little tinny but not as bad as some systems.

The audio from game play and watching video will be enjoyable on this system. When connecting external headphones, the sound quality increases dramatically. It is a little difficult to plug a pair of headphones into the jack on the side. The port is a tight fit. The hard drive in the MacBook Pro is one of the few disappointments. The stock system comes with a slower rpm drive. It is the bottleneck of the computer. If you buy a high end PC like this, you should get high end parts. Using a slower hard drive is just silly.

Do it unless you would like to upgrade on your own. The upgrade to the Seagate Momentus XT sped up system boots times and programs load quicker. There was about a percent battery life hit, but that is a good trade off for the extra speed. It is easier than it looks. Follow our instructions in the video below:. It is a good upgrade, but after the MacBook Air shipped with a built-in SSD as a baseline, we expected to see Apple go in this direction in their flagship notebooks.

It is bright and easy to see in most settings. If you can afford it, get it. There is no reason to pick the middle option which is the higher resolution, but glossy display. Despite our preference for an anti-glare screen, we are not disappointed with the display of the glossy screen in normal light. The viewing angle is extremely wide, useful for making presentations to a few people or watching video with a couple of friends, co-workers or clients.

The MacBook Pro display is bright and has great color in normal and low light. Colors pop and seem faithful. We hook up an external monitor while in the office and we thought the monitor also had good color, but the difference is stark. The MacBook Pro screen is so much better. Whites are whiter and black objects are more black. There is good contrast and color fidelity.

Few mobile displays are better, in regular light. The result is an excellent picture processing tool. The video below touches on watching videos on the MacBook Pro and has a quick demo of the camera. The camera is decent.

If only it could make my ugly mug look more attractive, that would be a plus! Below is a sample taken with Photo Booth. Most people we talk to like them, but some really hate them. We fall in the first category, so we are very happy with the MacBook Pro keyboard. The keys are stiffer than our MacBook Air. That is a good thing.

Typing feels good. Spacing is good too. It has been a challenge switching from a Windows keyboard to the Mac keyboard. There are some differences that require a change in habit. For example, many Windows keyboard have a key that mimics the right click of a mouse. Macs do not have this key. I used it a lot. The other key I miss is the Windows key. It would mimic clicking on the Start menu in Windows revealing the menu that holds a list of all the programs installed.

We like how all Macs have a standardized set of the shortcut keys across the top that double as function keys. There are also multimedia controls. We really like the backlit keyboard and it is nice to be able to adjust the brightness. On rare occasions when you need an F-key, just use the Fn key in the lower left corner to engage the F-keys.

The multi-touch trackpad is great! I hate touchpads and always carry an external mouse. I like the one on the MacBook Pro so much I now leave my mouse in the bag or at home. It is spacious and responsive. We love the gestures OS X incorporates for doing things like scrolling, moving back and forth in a browser history, and pinching to zoom.

The trackpad is also a large button that can be clicked like you would a mouse button. We prefer tapping to select, so we almost immediately changed that option in System Preferences. But thankfully it is an option. When you do have to click you can tell that it is being clicked, with a loud sound and good tactile response. Below is our video review of the keyboard and touchpad.

It also highlights a problem with scratching on the aluminum case near the trackpad:. It is one of the fastest notebooks we have ever used. The quad-core Intel Core i7 processor handles video editing with aplomb. Almost nothing we threw at it slowed the machine down, except for one. We use a program called Logos Bible Software pictured above. It is a Bible study and research tool. The program is database intensive and runs on an overlay environment that draws the screen on top of OS X instead of using the built-in visual elements, almost like a virtualized environment.

The company does this to standardize the look and feel between Windows and Mac. The problem is that it requires a lot of horsepower to run well. It requires video processing power to draw the screen. It requires memory because it loads a lot of data right at the start. And it requires a fast hard drive because it is searching through literally thousands of books that are often more than a thousand pages in length each.

An application that requires that much power cripples a lot of systems. Because of how poorly written it is, it does cripple even the MacBook Pro at times. But this system runs this beast faster than the MacBook Air or iMac. We also tested the system by editing large No problem! RAW photo editing is a very processor intensive activity and the MacBook Pro handled it well with a number of things running in the background, including a browser, the above Logos application, a Word processor and an iMovie project being rendered.

We fired up iTunes and iPhoto to add to the mix and it still had no problem. When all of the above applications were running at once, the fans do whirl loudly. We did some quick Benchmarks just for comparison. The program we use is called Geek Bench and it mainly measures the things like the speed of the processor. The hard drive in the MacBook Pro should be a bit of a bottleneck.

On the Air it took to copy the folder which is 2. To copy it back to the Air it took just The ExpressCard 34 slot could come in handy for adding an SSD or any number of other accessories, but we really would have found more use for an SD card slot like the smaller MacBook Pros have. Cramming all three USB ports together also causes issues with oversized accessories, like 3G modems, and offers no USB connectivity on the right side. Bottom line: Connectivity is good, but not perfect. Around the desktop, 4GB of RAM and a quad-core processor gives the MacBook plenty of headroom for multitasking, which is fortunate considering the inch screen.

The transition is seamless: no warning, no black screen, no hiccups. The only indication we ever got that the Radeon was finally at work was a fan faintly whirring when we finally undertook some gaming. And game it does. Though titles are hard to come by on OS X, what games you can play run marvelously. We were able to play Half Life 2 at native x resolution with every setting cranked to high, and frame rates never dropped below 90 fps.

As equipped, our MacBook Pro achieved a score of You can easily place the MacBook Pro at a distance and watch TV shows or movies without headphones, and it even produces enough bass to vibrate a bit with music playback at full volume. The latest version uses a script that surfs 25 of the most popular websites with the display brightness a bit under maximum. The company claims the inch MacBook Pro delivers 7 hours of battery life under these conditions, and anecdotally, it delivers.

We credit the hefty watt-hour lithium-polymer battery. The default battery in the ProBook s, for instance, is rated at only 73 watt hours. We were also pleased with the charging time from the watt power supply. Bringing the MacBook up to a full charge from 50 percent took less than 50 minutes.

Apple has never been known to skimp on displays, and the inch beauty in the MacBook Pro is no exception. Nice in theory, but bandwidth restrictions usually crush video conferences to quality well below p anyway, so you might not notice the extra pixels except on your YouTube rants.

Apple MacBook Pro inch DT Recommended Product. Can your computer run MacOS Monterey? With Tesla bleeding money, Elon Musk initiates hardcore spending review.

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Apple MacBook Pro Fall 2011 review

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