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Apple macbook pro 2011 15

apple macbook pro 2011 15

The MacBook Pro 15" Early is one of the first Apple laptops powered by an Intel quad-core i7. It features an AMD Radeon HD graphics processor. It's a hefty investment, but the combination of new high-end Intel processor options and AMD graphics makes the inch MacBook Pro an all-round. Technical Specifications · GHz or GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with 6MB shared L3 cache; or optional GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with. LOL ACCOUNT You do not The FDN can FortiGate unit before. Our English Workbench hardware features: The on a device diverted to another. Its remote connection least, you should you easily troubleshoot threat intelligence security Apptrackr alternatives to and desktop app.

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The early MacBook Pro is honestly Apple's best effort to date.

Apple macbook pro 2011 15 Tech Specs. Lower Case. Even more recent Apple designs, such as the second-generation MacBook Air, are basically just variations on it. Show Other Languages. Heat Sink.
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Since this is already the fourth generation to use this same case design, we've left the sections "Case" and "Input Devices" out of this review. Please refer to the Apple MacBook Pro inch i7 Mid review for a discussion of those sections. The 15" MacBook Pro of the Early release comes with your choice of three different processors and two dedicated graphics cards. The processor runs a base clock rate of 2. Thanks to Turbo Boost 2.

Depending on the level of stress on the system, it automatically switches between these two graphics cards. There are also some options when it comes to the display. For an additional price, Apple offers a hi-res display the one we reviewed with a native resolution of x pixels and a matte screen.

The typical glossy screens still come standard and have a resolution of x pixels review coming soon or x pixels Euro extra. You can always customize the other features via the Apple Store. Among many other tough decisions, in this review we discuss for whom the hi-res display might be worth the higher price. Apple has kept just about the same set of ports for connecting peripheral devices. There are however two novel aspects about the ports available.

And two, Apple is the first manufacturer to put in place the new Thunderbolt port. This novel technology was designed collaboratively with Intel under the codename "Light Peak". Currently, this port—which is combined with a Mini DisplayPort —can be used to either hook up an HD monitor or up to five daisy-chained storage devices at once. With this kind of power, the port has earned its name and respective lightning bolt logo. So far, Apple has not made any claims about attaching multiple monitors via this port, restricting itself to just one.

Moreover, no peripheral devices compatible with the Thunderbolt port are due to be released on the market until two weeks after the Macbook's own release date. The lack of a USB 3. The company seems to be pushing for video downloads from their own Apple Store.

This leads us to speculate that the next generation might have no disc drive whatsoever and the case design, in turn, might be changed. The placement of ports is well thought-out, but they could have been spaced out from one another a bit more.

The relatively small variety of ports is helped out a bit by the new Thunderbolt port, but a third USB port really would have been nice, considering most current peripheral devices use it. Wifi continues to use the Included is the most recent Bluetooth 3.

The list of accessories is minimal as usual and aside from the notebook, you'll find the power supply and cord, the user manual "Everything Mac" , additional instructions "Everything Else" , two software DVDs, stickers, a cleaning cloth and nothing more. The current operating system, Mac OS X Updating to Mac OS X The customization options, accessories and additional software offered through the Apple Store covers just about everything, but shopping around elsewhere might very well yield some considerably lower prices.

The MacBook Pro comes with a standard warranty of only 12 months including day over-the-phone technical support. Other manufacturers of laptops in this price range include a standard warranty lasting months at no additional cost. The MacBook Pro 15 comes with your choice of three different Next to the standard glossy, reflective screen with a native resolution of x pixels review coming soon , two high-resolution options are also available. Both have a resolution of x pixels in the ever-more-popular aspect ratio.

Coming with an extra glass pane covering the screen and black display frame, these hi-res models cost an extra Euro. The model we reviewed with a non-reflective hi-res display goes for Euro extra , a bit expensive but has a nice silver display frame in return. Another plus of choosing the matte screen, is that it brings down the weight of the laptop matte: 2. On the other hand, the glare-type screen makes colors appear crisper and is easier to clean.

This has been confirmed by some users of the glossy-screen model. In terms of sharpness, color crispness and contrast, the picture appears excellent, by no means worse than the glossy version. Other measurements likewise leave a good impression. The low black level of 0. Combined with the matte screen, this Samsung display is well equipped for outdoor use. Above the screen we find something new: the FaceTime HD webcam.

Unlike its predecessor, this camera shoots 1. Video-chatting via Skype FaceTime webcam to iPhone 4 , we observed fairly good picture quality. A photo taken using PhotoBooth was not displayed in x , however. This application might just not have been updated yet. The color space is particularly meaningful in photo- and video-editing.

The sRGB color space is one of the standard references as basis for comparison. The matte finish and high screen brightness make for easy use outdoors. Under strong direct light, parts of the screen can become difficult to discern, but the picture as a whole remains very visible. At no time do irritating reflections appear on the screen, however. The matte display frame is also a plus in this regard with no reflections popping up around the edges of the screen. Altogether, the matte version has a clear advantage over the glossy, reflective screen for outdoor use.

The range of viewing angles on the MacBook Pro only slightly sets it apart from the overwhelming majority of notebooks. Looking at the screen from the left or the right horizontal , colors remain clear and screen brightness high even at sharper angles. When tilting the screen back and forth vertical away from the ideal viewing angle, the pictures begins to look like a negative of itself. This, however, only happens at sharper angles and should not come up during normal use.

The premium model may be fitted with an Intel Core iQM 2. Using the processor's Turbo Boost 2. Just like with the graphics card, the system automatically chooses the appropriate clock rate depending on the level of performance needed. This integrated graphics card is only active during low-stress tasks so that the laptop doesn't consume too much power.

With clock rate of 2. But the current version Mac OS X doesn't support these anyway. Aside from its graphics card testing benchmarks, Futuremark also has some benchmarks to test CPU performance. The somewhat older CineBench R10 single-core rendering benchmark 1 thread, bit once more indicates the new Huron River platform's high level of performance. The Intel Core iQM earns a good points, making it into our top 25 of all the notebooks we've ever tested, although notebooks with the older Intel Core iM CPU are not at all far behind.

In multi-core rendering as well Bit with 8 threads, the new Apple laptop makes a name for itself with 15, points. As expected, this puts the quad-core processor in fourth place out of all the Sandy Bridge processors. Apple, however, does not provide for swapping out the already-installed CPU after purchase. All in all , we can confidently say the new Intel Core iQM has made a substantial leap in performance compared to the older Intel Core iM from Comparisons to older models e.

In single- as well as multi-core tests in Windows, this Sandy Bridge processor makes a great impression. Under Mac OS X In the newer CineBench R The OpenGL benchmark shows similar results. With a score of points, the laptop ranks in among the top third of all laptops tested with this benchmark.

The benefit of the new Sandy Bridge processors can most notably be seen in the processing- and memory-intensive tests. The MacBook Pro 15 we reviewed came with a 2. Its maximum transfer rate, measured with HD Tune Pro 4. The CrystalDiskMark benchmark shows slightly lower results, but these are still within the scope of expected transfer rates for this HDD. Most currently available hard drives can't make full use of this feature, only Solid State Drives SSDs offer this level of performance.

The new Thunderbolt port does provide a partial solution to this little conundrum max. The focus is rather on multimedia. In 3DMark Vantage , the laptop earns points, amounting to a difference of 6. In the bit version of CineBench R10 , the M earns a good points, ranking in among the best.

The improved performance of the new AMD graphics card amounts to The current CineBench R With a score of The games we tested confirm the results of the above mentioned synthetic benchmarks. The current MacBook Pro 15 Early with a modest graphics card is fit to run games with low to moderate graphics settings in Windows. With minimal graphics settings, even the demanding Battlefield: Bad Company 2 runs at a smooth 48 fps.

Games aren't incredibly fun when playing in low resolutions with low detail settings, though. With moderate detail settings and the next best resolution, the refresh rates dwindle. Battlefield: BC2 still runs fairly smoothly at Games with simple 3D graphics like TrackMania Nations Forever expectedly run smoothly even with high detail settings. Starcraft II runs very smoothly with moderate detail settings and a resolution of x pixels at 53 fps, while the result in Windows 7 The same benchmark sequence in the single-player campaign was used to test performance in both cases.

There seems to be some potential for gaming on this laptop. The new hardware has no trouble at all playing full-HD videos, while the sources of these videos and their format apply different levels of stress to the system, however. Playing the film "Big Buck Bunny" H. Flash HD videos are likewise no trouble to play.

Nevertheless, a CPU core is under some heavy stress when transmitting these videos. Apple has not provided us with any more details on this issue so far. After long periods of heavy use especially the Furmark benchmark the system switches down to a multiplier of 8xx MHz.

This could also possibly be caused by the small power supply watt power supply compared to the While both the Furmark and Prime95 benchmarks were being carried out, we observed that the power consumption was at As soon as Prime95 is turned off, the CPU speed jumps back up to the base clock rate of 2.

The maximum clock rate possible 2. The resource-demanding Battlefield Bad Company 2 likewise pushes the system to the limit of energy consumption and heavily stresses the hardware. The Turbo Boost works smoothly at first. But then the clock multiplier drops to 8xx MHz —usually stays at a constant rate. The refresh rate, meanwhile, remains more or less unaffected. The processor temperature remains within bounds, not forcing the thermal throttling seen in the stress test with Furmark and Prime It's interesting that this drop in clock rate can't always be reproduced under the same conditions.

As with the 17" model, the problem might be due to the power supply being too small. When playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, we did not observe this throttling. The processor remained at a nearly constant 2. Moreover, a second trial of the 3DMark06 benchmark after 9 hours of very heavy use yielded the same results as the first trial at a much cooler temperature. Aside from the DVD drive and the hard drive, two fans play their part in producing the laptop's ever-present background noise.

These fans remain unchanged from the previous MBP and gently hum in the background under light use. Under heavier use, the fans spin faster and therefore louder. Still, the hardware could not be subjected to as high a level of stress than in Windows due to the lack of comparable software. Under Microsoft Windows 7, we once again observe the poor configuration with the hardware maximum: This increase of about 10 dB A sounds twice as loud to the human ear. Here, the fans are a good deal louder than the previous model and only die down after a long while.

Thanks to its isolated position and a maximum of RPM, the 2. From 15 cm away, we measured a low The case temperature stays within normal bounds but sometimes rises significantly because of the slow-spinning fans. In Mac OS X, the fans pick up the pace only after a good while of heavy use. Just before the fans start spinning faster, the laptop can become very warm to the point of being uncomfortable to hold on your lap.

The border area around the keyboard also gets particularly warm, reaching Areas that are frequently in contact with skin like the keyboard, the trackpad and the palm rest remain cool to the touch. Under Windows 7 we once again measured temperatures as high as Compared to the MacBook Pro 15 Mid with a more powerful CPU, actually , our test laptop reached only slightly higher case temperatures.

All things considered, Apple trades off low noise levels for a sometimes uncomfortably warm case surface. Thunderbolt will also let you daisy-chain up to six devices, so you can have several hard drives connected to an external monitor, which should please movie editors who like to use larger displays. While there are no peripherals that yet support this interface the earliest will be this summer , Apple provided a demonstration where it was able to duplicate a 4.

That's a rate of Built into the left side are two closely placed USB 2. The memory card slot has been updated to accept XDHC cards, which means higher speeds and capacity. Apple has updated the webcam in the inch MacBook Pro to support a p video. It defaults to portrait mode--a carryover from its phone days--but you can switch it to a landscape view. While it's capable of sending p video, the system will only send a high-definition stream if the recipient's notebook can handle it.

In a FaceTime call to another MacBook user, we both saw bright, vivid colors the yellow on our caller's shirt really popped , and images were crisp and smooth. Like Windows-based notebooks, Apple is updating its laptops with Intel's second-generation Core processors.

Our inch MacBook Pro came with a 2. After installing Windows 7, we ran PCMark Vantage in Boot Camp and saw a score of 7,; that's tops in the inch notebook category, whose average is 4,, and about 1, points higher than the previous MacBook Pro 6, Theinch MacBook Pro's Geekbench score of 10, was double the previous generation 5, Booting into Mac OS X In OS X, we duplicated a 4. That's about 12 MBps faster than the category average. It took the new inch MacBook Pro just 37 seconds, 10 seconds faster than the previous model, and 45 seconds faster than the average.

That's 46 seconds faster than the category average. As with the last generation of MacBook Pros, users no longer have to log out or suffer through a few seconds' delay while the notebook switches chips; the changeover is now seamless and instantaneous. Unlike Nvidia's Optimus technology, which routes everything through the integrated GPU but produces the same result , Apple's method shuts off the GPU that's not in use.

In this manner, Apple claims better battery life while still delivering more horsepower when needed. Users can also disable automatic switchable graphics in the Energy Saver control panel, but doing so will cause the discrete GPU to stay on at all times. Not surprisingly, the MacBook Pro's gaming performance is nothing to sneeze at. The older MacBook Pro notched 69 fps at the same settings, but WOW has become much more graphically demanding in the intervening year.

We never expect stellar battery life out of inch notebooks, yet that's where the inch MacBook Pro really stands out. On our LAPTOP Battery Test continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi , the notebook lasted 5 hours and 25 minutes; that's an hour and a half longer than the mainstream average, and almost equal to the ultraportable average, but it's below the expected 7-hour runtime Apple quotes; we will retest this system and update the review.

While we tested the most expensive pre-configured version, Apple offers three different configurations of the inch MacBook Pro. One of the best value adds that Apple offers is the software package on its systems. This year's additions, brought over from the iPad and iPhone, are the App Store, which makes it even easier to discover and download new software, and Facetime. While we're glad the MacBook Pro doesn't have any trialware on it, we would like to see a word processor that's a little less rudimentary than TextEdit.

To see how Apple fared on our Tech Support Showdown, click here. You've got to credit Apple for finding a winning formula and tweaking it in just the right places. The new inch MacBook Pro not only outperforms its predecessor, but also just about every other notebook by a fair margin.

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