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Apple macbook facts

apple macbook facts

Which Mac is right for you? ; MacBook Pro 13”. From $ · Apple M1 chip ; MacBook Pro 14”. From $ · Apple M1 Pro chip or. Apple M1 Max chip ; MacBook Pro 16”. Thunderbolt Ports (and a Headphone Jack). A MacBook is a type of laptop computer made by Apple Inc. It runs Mac OS X and comes with a built in webcam and microphone and a power adapter that is. CLARA HILL Face for long bit like the such a header steering box and that is sudo-aware. XSS vulnerability in Security Management Suite endpoint security with. If you prefer, you can also at ease and making sure you align the edges, from the list.

Instead, Apple is giving us four Thunderbolt 3 ports, which can be used interchangeably for different functions. The good news is that Thunderbolt 3 is super fast and powerful and that Apple kept the headphone jack around. However, the new MacBook Pro does have enough power to make most users happy. The inch version is obviously the heaviest hitter, as has always been tradition.

This might not seem like the biggest deal in the world, but the Touchpad is now twice as big as it was before. Twice as big! Having a large, responsive Touchpad is so important when so much of what we do these days involves multitouch gestures.

Sign Up Yes, I would like to receive Paste's newsletter. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Here are the 5 most important things to know about the new MacBook Pros: 1. The inch model was introduced in January ; the inch model in April. The second generation model debuted in October in and inch variants, with a inch variant added in January Called the "unibody" model because its case was machined from a single piece of aluminum, it had a thinner flush display, a redesigned trackpad whose entire surface consisted of a single clickable button, and a redesigned keyboard.

Updates brought Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduced Intel's Thunderbolt. The third generation MacBook Pro was released in the inch in June , a inch model in October. It eliminated Ethernet and FireWire ports and the optical drive. The fourth generation MacBook Pro, released in October , adopted USB-C for all data ports and power and included a shallower "butterfly"-mechanism keyboard.

On all but the base model, the function keys were replaced with a touchscreen strip called the Touch Bar with a Touch ID sensor integrated into the power button. The initial inch model with a screen set in narrower bezels was followed by a inch model in May The inch model was unveiled on April 24, Other changes from the PowerBook include a built-in iSight webcam and the inclusion of MagSafe, a magnetic power connector designed to detach easily when yanked. These features were later brought over to the MacBook.

The optical drive was reduced in size in order to fit into the slimmer MacBook Pro, hence it runs slower than the optical drive in the PowerBook G4 and cannot write to dual-layer DVDs. All first-generation inch models have two USB 2. When first introduced, the MacBook Pro did not come with FireWire or S-Video ports, although FireWire was added in the next inch model revision and is present in every version of the inch design.

All models include a built-in Gigabit Ethernet port, Bluetooth 2. Later models include support for the draft 2. Memory capacity was doubled for each model, to 1 GB on the low-end inch and 2 GB for the high-end and inch models. FireWire was added to the inch models. Hard drive capacity was increased, although video card options stayed the same. LED backlighting was added to the inch model's screen, and its weight was reduced from 5.

Furthermore, the speed of the front-side bus was increased from MHz to MHz. On November 1, , Apple added the option of a 2. On February 26, , the MacBook Pro line was updated once more. LED backlighting was added as an option for the inch model. Processors were updated to "Penryn" cores, which are built on the 45 nanometer process 65 nanometer "Merom" cores were previously used , and hard drive and memory capacities were increased.

Multi-touch capabilities, first introduced with the MacBook Air earlier that year, were brought over to the MacBook Pro's trackpad. When the inch unibody MacBook Pro was introduced on October 14, , the pre-unibody model with the same screen size was discontinued, while the inch pre-unibody model continued to be sold.

The original case design was discontinued on January 6, , when the inch MacBook Pro was also updated with unibody construction. The issue has been mitigated by some users by keeping the laptop cooler by means of less intensive use or alternative fan settings.

Apple initially ignored reports, before admitting to the fault and replacing logic boards free of charge for up to 4 years after the purchase date. On October 14, , in a press event at company headquarters, Apple officials announced a new inch MacBook Pro featuring a "precision aluminum unibody enclosure" and tapered sides similar to those of the MacBook Air. Designers shifted the MacBook Pro's ports to the left side of the case, and moved the optical disc drive slot from the front to the right side, similar to the MacBook.

Although the FireWire port was removed, the FireWire port remained. The original unibody MacBook Pro came with a user-removable battery; Apple claimed five hours of use, with one reviewer reporting results closer to four hours on a continuous video battery stress test. Apple said that the battery would hold 80 percent of its charge after recharges.

The unibody-construction MacBook Pro largely follows the styling of the original aluminum iMac and the MacBook Air and is slightly thinner than its predecessor, albeit wider and deeper due to the widescreen display. The screen is high-gloss, covered by an edge-to-edge reflective glass finish, while an anti-glare matte option is available in the and inch models in which the glass panel is removed. The entire trackpad is usable and acts as a clickable button.

The trackpad is also larger than that of the first generation, giving more room for scrolling and multi-touch gestures. When the line was updated in April , inertial scrolling was added, making the scrolling experience much like that of the iPhone and iPad. The keys, which are still backlit, are now identical to those of Apple's now-standard sunken keyboard with separated black keys.

The physical screen release latch from the previous generation is replaced with a magnetic one. This version diverged from its inch sibling with an anti-glare "matte" screen option with the glossy finish standard and a non user-removable lithium polymer battery. Instead of traditional round cells inside the casing, the lithium-ion polymer batteries are shaped and fitted into each laptop to maximally utilize space.

Adaptive charging, which uses a chip to optimize the charge flow to reduce wear and tear, extends the battery's overall life. Battery life for the inch version is quoted at eight hours, with 80 percent of this charge remaining after 1, charge-discharge cycles.

It was also announced that the entire MacBook Pro line would use the non user-removable battery first introduced in the inch MacBook Pro. The updated MacBook Pro and the inch would each have up to a claimed seven hours of battery life, while the inch would keep its eight-hour capacity. Some sources even reported up to eight hours of battery life for the and inch MacBook Pro computers during casual use, while others reported around six hours.

Like the inch MacBook Pro, Apple claims that they will last around 1, charge cycles while still containing 80 percent of their capacity. Graphics card options stayed the same from the previous release, although the inch and the base model inch, came with only the GeForce M GPU. The screens were also improved, gaining a claimed 60 percent greater color gamut.

All of these mid models also included a FireWire port and all except the inch models would receive an SD card slot. For the inch MacBook Pro, the Kensington lock slot was moved to the right side of the chassis. The and inch models also have an integrated Intel GPU that is built into the Core i5 and i7 processors.

The inch model also gained 0. Save for a third USB 2. All models come with 4 GB of system memory that is upgradeable to 8 GB. Battery life was also extended further in this update, to an estimated ten hours for the inch and 8—9 hours on the and inch MacBook Pro computers.

This was achieved through both greater power efficiency and adding more battery capacity. One reviewer reported about six hours of battery life through a continuous video battery stress test in the inch and another, who called the battery life "unbeatable", reported nearer to eight in the inch through their "highly demanding battery drain test".

Thunderbolt technology, Sandy Bridge dual-core Intel Core i5 and i7 on the inch model or quad-core i7 on the and inch models processors, and a high definition FaceTime camera were added on February 24, The chassis bottoms are also engraved differently from the models. Apple says that Thunderbolt can be used to drive displays or to transfer large quantities of data in a short amount of time. Following this announcement, the inch model was discontinued.

After a media event on October 22, , Apple discontinued all second-generation MacBook Pro computers except for the entry-level 2. Apple discontinued the inch second-generation MacBook Pro on October 27, Prior to its discontinuation it was Apple's only product to still include an optical drive and a FireWire port, and only laptop with a hard disk drive and Ethernet port.

The problem was covered by many articles in Mac-focused magazines, starting late throughout On October 28, , the firm announced that it has filed a class-action lawsuit in a California federal court against Apple. The firm is also investigating similar cases across the United States.

The program covered affected MacBook Pro models until December 31, or four years from original date of sale. Apple introduced a inch version on October 23, with specifications similar but slightly inferior to the inch version's, such as less powerful processors. The new models omit Ethernet and FireWire ports, though Apple offers Thunderbolt adapters for both interfaces. They also omit a SuperDrive, making the inch model Apple's first professional notebook since the PowerBook c to ship without a built-in optical drive.

Instead of a hard disk drive , the new models ship with a solid state drive housed in a proprietary flash module design rather than a 2. Apple also claims improved speakers and microphones and a new system for cooling the notebook with improved fans. The new case design does not have a Kensington lock slot, so alternative products are required to physically secure the computer. The Retina models also have fewer user-accessible upgrade or replacement options than previous MacBooks.

Unlike in previous generations, the memory is soldered onto the logic board and is therefore not upgradable. The solid state drive is not soldered and can be replaced by users, although it has a proprietary connector and form factor. The entire case uses proprietary pentalobe screws and cannot be disassembled with standard tools. While the battery is glued in, recycling companies have stated that the design is only "mildly inconvenient" and does not hamper the recycling process.

In any case, Apple offers a free recycling service via any of their stores and has no problem with separating the materials. On February 13, , Apple announced updated prices and processors and increased the memory of the high-end inch model to 16 GB. The chassis of the inch version was slightly slimmed to 0. The lower-end inch model only included integrated graphics while the higher-end model continued to include a discrete Nvidia graphics card in addition to integrated graphics.

Support for 4K video output via HDMI was added but limited the maximum number of external displays from three to two. On July 29, Apple announced new models with updated prices and processors. On March 9, , the inch model was updated with Intel Broadwell processors, Iris graphics, faster flash storage based on PCIe 2.

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