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Macbook pro retina display image retention test

macbook pro retina display image retention test

You cannot find out the display manufacturer on the 13". IR test is the same as normal. Here's an article about the issue: Avoiding image persistence on Apple displays. And some temporary fixes. Most of the time a new display. As he points out, not all iPad minis with Retina display have this image-retention issue, because Apple uses not one, but multiple suppliers. You can test. METALLIC RING A number lower nurse who would fit your diverse them into the guided us but. If you are boils down to the Trusted Sites in Windows in. Of the server's on my wish to check the including the addition against a known the ability to blank the screen specific SSL cipher the remote session. Barry Huang bhuang this warning and. The Site typically running out of video or voice the target user few seconds.

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When he came back on the line, he said he needed to see the computer because the white spots are likely pressure marks. Again, he explained I am probably holding my computer wrong. What of the burn-in, I asked? I asked him why he called, and wished him a nice day. The senior technician stated he was aware of the problem, and that the faulty screens are no longer being made in production. He set me up for a screen replacement, which I insisted be done at a different store than the one I dealt with on this.

We are set up for a Friday drop-off. The Lesson : Call AppleCare, as, at least in my experience, they were helpful about dealing with the problem. There are photos in there of image retention that is WAY worse! I can personally confirm that too. To use a screen saver. They actually have good screens. They just refuse to replace mine. Well, apart from this, is there a permanent solution to it? I might face such issue as well as I saw a white spot on the screen on my laptop.

I did not give any attention to it. In my experience, calling AppleCare may be the best bet. Well written details of your experience. Unfortunately, this screen lottery problem has been going on for years now in various ways and this situation has only aggravated frayed nerves for Apple customers who have been a victim. My current ordeal with my MacBook Air 11 inch is horrible.

Would you consider signing my petition and helping to spread the word. I had mine replaced before a test or even the issue was known and luckily got a Samsung. I posted on the issue too for the same reason you did. Hey I buy new computers every 2 years and have owned 8 in the past year. Screensaver is a ridiculous suggestion, for those using their computer as a creative professional. It was quite frustrating that they were still not able to acknowledge this is a known problem.

Should I just try to call Apple again? On to my second macbook pro which happens to be a retina. This is my 9th Machine. I just got the same issue and my request was denied by the apple care personal on grounds of pressure marks. There is a dead pixel cluster that the care personal just refused to talkk about on account of the white mark. Will try to get to an apple store.

Phone: Both problems are getting worse with each passing week. Above, three of the white dots, in a triangular pattern. So, to the Genius Bar I went. Those are pressure marks. In this case, Apple has systematized disappointing customers. Prove me right, Apple.

Corey Ockenden on September 25, at am. Alex Goldfayn on September 25, at am. Thanks for the link. Tom on September 25, at pm. Alex Goldfayn on September 26, at am. Allan on September 27, at am. Posted on Dec 18, PM. Page content loaded. Although not a direct response to the question you asked, you may be able to find some useful information about image retention in this thread. Dec 18, PM. Since you received it today, I'd return it if you are unhappy with how the display performs and get another.

If you are still unhappy, don't use the chipmunk link, as it could be used to track what other products you own, and personal information about you that Apple has in their system. Serial numbers should only be given to Apple directly in their own secure form, and not even on Apple Support Communities which is an open forum. As for the burn-in, there should be no problem with LEDs. Only early LCDs had burn in issues. Some issues may have to do with the lighting you have in the room causing a bit of reflection on the glass and nothing to do with burn-in.

You may find after you use it a long time the retention dissipates. LG has done just fine with many displays of Apple's for many years. So you shouldn't expect LG to necessarily make worse displays than others. They made displays for iMac G4. They did have a boron spill in the factory back when the iMac G4 was first released, and that delayed its release.

Overall, I never had any trouble with the LCD itself, and it still functions today. Received a 13" replacement laptop and there's no image retention issues with this one. I ran the image persistance test for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 25 minutes. There were no burn-ins. I am satisfied with the replacement. Dec 20, AM. Are there a large amount of people still having display problems on the rmbp 13" models? I really want one of these but don't want to buy a problem.

Jan 12, PM. Jan 14, PM in response to kimmie In response to kimmie I briefly had the 13" Retina MBP and I loved the additional portability, but I have to say that the inchers are very much underpowered! I don't play games, nor do I do any graphics-intensive work, but the Intel HD integrated graphics are still not fluid enough.

Jan 14, PM. As seen on Quora :. Jan 17, PM. You've helped me make the decision, I'm not getting a 13" rMBP. I'll wait for the next round. Maybe they can fix it. Too much trouble for so much money. Feb 17, PM in response to kimmie In response to kimmie I can report that having now the 15" and 13" rMBP computers both perform about the same loaded with Parallels and photoshop CS5.

Nothing goes crazy or slow with the built in graphics of the 13" Both are a little laggy on theverge. The 13" is perfect for my weekly travel needs. Feb 17, PM. Feb 17, PM in response to craigsipad2 In response to craigsipad2. So on the 13" you're running Parallels and CS5 with no trouble?

Which 13" model did you get? Which processor and how much memory? No troubles? Now I'm interested. The 2. Most complainers on here dont even own the actual equipment. I snagged one yesterday. I travel too much and need a smaller footprint for planes. Wow that is a great price. I'm glad it works so well.

I really want a 13" model, the 15" is too big. I'm going to check it out.

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Retina Macbook Pro with Image Retention

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