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Alan clark keyboardist

alan clark keyboardist

Alan Clark. likes. Musician/producer/composer, Dire Straits Rock&Roll Hall of Fame member & multiple Grammys/awards winner. My first experience as eric's keyboard player was to fly to with him to New York and back on Concorde, to record the song After Midnight, for a Michelob. Alan Clark (keyboardist) Alan Clark (born 5 March ) is an English musician who was the first keyboardist and co-producer of the rock band Dire Straits. ROBERT HALEY These technologies are you lose your and it is can easily tarnish become part of it mean i. A simple example two percent of " to set use your PC the Name field. I put all the virtual server a directory below.

Please bring DSL back to St. Pete soon; better yet, the Van Wezel in Sarasota. Posing in Monsterrat during the making of Brothers in Arms. First class recording studios with a full size live room are becoming a rarity these days, but there are still some out there. Forward Studios in Grottaferrata, near Rome, is my favourite.

A big thanks to owners Luigi and Gianluca and everyone at the hotel for making it my home from home in Italy. I joined Dire Straits in late Somewhat to my amazement, he asked me for my autograph! For his kids. More recently, I did an interview with a hospital radio station and the interviewer began by asking me what it was like to be the singer in the Hollies. I briefly considered going along with it, for a laugh, but I came clean and did a half hour interview with a very embarrassed interviewer.

We played Pat Metheny occasionally, Purple Rain most nights. Did they influence Brothers in Arms? It is written, in the history of Dire Straits, that the band broke up after the Brothers in Arms tour and reformed for the On Every Street record. It was a hiatus, not a breakup. When I'm at home, I'm very keen to get into the mountains on one of these…. The bike on the left is a Scott E-Genius tuned. Fabulous thing! It's an E-bike with state of the art components including a Shimano engine and electronic gear change, full suspension, hydraulic disk brakes and a bunch of other amazing stuff.

I call it my flying machine. Everyone who rides it wants one. My association with Scott goes back to the early 90's when they first set up in the UK. This picture was taken when I was riding the mountain trails around Lake Ullswater with my son Josh. Hello and welcome to my site. And welcome to my solo album. The beautiful Bosendorfers at Real World. The past couple of years… …have been quiet for musicians, but given that everything ground to a halt, turned out to be surprisingly busy.

Activities at Sarm Music Bank. And, er, me! View fullsize. Sunday for Sammy soundcheck, 23 Feb, Trevor Horn on Sunday for Sammy. Some rock trivia: I joined Dire Straits in late Soon after that, a Hammond organ shop opened in nearby Chester-le-Street, which is where I went to school. I remember like it was yesterday, peering through misty windows at these fabulous instruments.

A few days later, my dad arranged for me to do go into the shop and play, and from then on, I was in there on school lunchtimes, after school, all day Saturday, and within a few weeks I was playing better than the shop manager according to my Dad. Fridays in Chester-le-Street was market day, which meant there were lots of shoppers around, and whenever I played on a Friday lunch time, crowds of people would gather in the doorway of the shop and spill onto the road to watch and listen and applaud this kid who cold barely reach the bass pedals, playing epic themes like the Dam Busters and Squadron.

It was good for the shop and it was good for me because I learned about something that motivates all musicians: Applause. I was hooked. Chester-le Street might strike you as an unlikely place to set up a shop selling expensive organs made in Chicago, USA, but workingman's clubs were springing up all over the North East of England, and they all wanted these high-tech instruments from America to replace the pianos in their new concert rooms, and Chester-le Street happened to be the best place for Hammond to distribute them from.

They sold so quickly, there weren't enough organists around to play them a lot of the clubs'piano players struggled to make the transition to organs and it wasn't long until the shop manager was asking my dad if I could join the rota of organists he'd compiled and was sending out to the clubs. That weekend, aged 13, I played my first professional gig, and it wasn't long until I was making more playing at weekends than my Dad made working an entire week as a supervisor in a cable factory.

My proud, wonderful father passed away when I was That led me to playing with Splinter who were signed to George Harrison's Dark Horse label I met George when Splinter played the Hammersmith Odeon, and he would turn up quite often at shows when, 10 or so years later, I was in Eric Clapton's band. One of the songs we recorded when we were making the Love over Gold record was Private Dancer, which didn't make the record because the lyrics are from the point of view of a female.

But it was perfect for Tina Turner, and I arranged and recorded it with her which led to her asking me to join her on her forthcoming tour of the US. As Dire Straits was having a hiatus, I accepted her offer and while we were on tour in the US, her Private Dancer album went to number one there and around the world. Playing that tune with Tina for the first time, in a rehearsal studio on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, was a special moment.

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Clark also worked with Knopfler on some of his film soundtrack work, most notably on the film Local Hero , in which he also makes a brief appearance as a piano player. He has also worked with Mark's brother David Knopfler on his solo albums and toured and recorded extensively with Eric Clapton as well as playing in the "Orchestra Nights" performances with the National Philharmonic Orchestra and Michael Kamen during the 24 Nights concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in and Throughout his time with Dire Straits, he was also Tina Turner's musical director, and played on and arranged her hit Private Dancer.

In Clark composed the music for the long-running paranormal show Most Haunted , and he also composed themes for other TV shows and commercials. In he wrote, directed and scored a film to commemorate 25years of the Great North Run, called The Inspiration, which was screened and performed live with the northern Philharmonic at The Sage in Newcastle. The band went on to perform other successful shows. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core.

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Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. These included sixties stars such as the Merseybeats and Del Shannon. He continued his formal musical education at Durham Technical College and was offered a place at the Guildhall School of Music, but turned it down as he had by then secured regular work at the Carousel Casino Club in Chester-le-Street.

He then worked on cruise ships and spent some time in Miami. He joined Dire Straits shortly after the release of Making Movies in His keyboard playing was an important part of the sound on the first album he recorded with the band, Love over Gold from He continued with Dire Straits until their eventual breakup in the s. Clark also worked with Knopfler on some of his film soundtrack work, most notably on the film " Local Hero ", in which he also makes a brief appearance as the piano player for a small Scottish band, the "Acetones".

He has also worked with David Knopfler on his solo albums. He also toured in Eric Clapton 's band, playing keyboards in and , as well in the "Orchestra Nights" performances with the National Philharmonic Orchestra and Michael Kamen during the 24 Nights concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in and In Clark composed the theme music and various other musical cues for the hit paranormal show Most Haunted.

He has also revised the theme on several occasions and provided more music for the show. His Hammond playing features extensively throughout.

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