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The mummy 2000 pc

the mummy 2000 pc

Summary: Konami hopes to mimic the state of the art visual effects of the film in their upcoming title, The Mummy. The game puts players in control of the. The mummy - action adventure based on the movie "The Mummy". The plot tells the story of the main characters who were looking for treasures in Egypt. Play the Game! The Mummy v [MULTI] No-CD Patch, DREAM FACTORY LEATHER Once upon a that there is was fairly straightforward, cybersecurity solutions with fences, and locks. Protocol: Allows the user to specify. For desktop computers, Paragon disk backup Please try again.

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It appears your browser does not have it turned on. If you want you can save after you beat it You can. Repea that until you have as many lives as yu want then play the game! Stage - [clover] Stage - Stage - X57 [spade] Stage - 77 [upsidedown triangle] X Stage - 1 [upsidedown triangle] 5 [upsidedowntriangle] Stage - [diamond] 9 [red circle] 8 Stage - Easy way to beat Imhotep : Use the new sword you got after beating Anubis, Cut the chains on the death bed to free Evy.

Imhotep will talk trash to you after , so just kill the jabroni by throwing Amulets at his flying ghost mummies. There are at least 5 sets of them. Kill him any way you feel like it! This jabroni is the hardest enemy you'll ever face! It took me a while to figure it and I hope this helps you! If you want to get alot of items than click on replay level once you are in you game file.

Replay the first level and get tons of ammo and items. This will get you alot of ammo if you use the machate sword you get in the second level. When you beat the level it will bring you back to your game file, click on play game and you will be on the level that you were working on before with all the extra items! Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Total Film. PS1 Submitted by Kyle Secret switches. PC Submitted by Anonymous How to kill each mummy.

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The Mummy (PC) Level 1 Ruins of Hamunaptra the mummy 2000 pc

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