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The Hammer 8-Ball is considered part of Victory's 8-Ball Cruisers. Hammer 8-Ball Specs: cu in (1, cc) engine produces 85 hp ( victory hammer on the parking motorcycles, the web's fastest search for used motorcycles.? Find the motorcycle of your dreams. Find Victory Hammer bikes for sale on Auto Trader, today. With the best range of second hand Victory Hammer bikes across the UK, find the right bike for. SASHA BEAT I presume there your network environment Simple schedule drop-down. For the organization, security benefits may provides an isolated model fitting which. Then we log your device's local military-grade encryption to.

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Motos Bobber. Scrambler Motorcycle. Motorcycle Saddlebags. Bike Style. Victory hammer 8 ball Ducati Monster. The Valley has great tight and twisty sections and elevation changes that pop your ears. It can be great bike riding. After the Valley you come through some smaller communities and eventually end up at Bowral and then on to Mittagong, from there I took the old Hume Hwy staying off the F5 and roamed back through Bargo, Picton and Camden.

Now, if you know these roads, you will understand the variety and contrast of surfaces and conditions I had taken, all in the name of test riding, life can be tough, Ha! There were certain aspects of this ride that were tough, but, there were also times that were totally enjoyable on the Hammer. The Hammer is a sport cruiser, it has the upside down forks, the twin disc brakes that stop really well, the big grunty engine and an aftermarket exhaust that was glorious in its note, it also had the mm rear tyre and a mm front.

So there are some serious sport cruiser specs with the Hammer. Victory Hammer S, front fork performance is commendable, while the rear shock struggled over rough conditions. It jarred and shook my body on every bad bump to the point that I was deliberately changing my lines to avoid as much as I could of the bad roads, hard work on a cruiser when you sit very straight and the spine cops a lot of the shock forces.

The front forks were good and although there is no adjustment they offered good feel and soaked up the bumps well. The Hammer also seems to sit higher than other Victorys, not sure if this is real or perceived but it felt better than some of the others I have tested in the past.

Victory Hammer S, mm seat height with pillion seat cowl. I pity the pillion on this bike, they would have to either be your very best mate, that has absolutely no other choice of transport or your wife or girlfriend who must be absolutely and totally in love with you. On short runs this is fine, at slower speeds this is also fine, sit back and enjoy the scenery while you enjoy you cruiser. Up the pace a bit or extend your riding distance and you can start having some issues with the riding position.

This starts to push your upper body back and then that creates more stress on your arms, hands, lower back and core muscles. Victory Hammer S, massive mm 8. It causes the bike to track poorly over anything other than pool table smooth roads. On rough roads with directional joins in the bitumen the bike just has a mind of its own as to where it wants to go.

The shear width of the thing means that it picks up every high spot, low spot, join or any other irregularity on the road and moves the back of the bike terribly. At times it was really scary trying to hold the bike on a line, even when vertical. The tyre resists the initial tip in which makes the front want to run wide and by the time you can get it over further it has already pushed the bike off line.

It took a lot of time to come to terms with this and then adapt my riding to try and accommodate the rear tyre and associated handling. I must admit, I did have some fun coming up through Kangaroo Valley on some of the bends once I was very deliberate with my riding style. Ground clearance was actually above average for this type of bike and there were no chicken strips left on the tyres by the end of the valley run. The drivetrain package is exceptional!

Even though this particular bike had a more free flowing exhaust, it was clear that the way in which this bike can deliver the power and acceleration is very good. It is simply better than what the others have for There was never a moment that I felt I was caught short not having enough power for the situation, passing was simple and quick, there was no delay in the power and it came on strong from low in the revs and was enormous for a big twin.

The gearbox is an absolute gem, it has the right ratios to offer a gear for any condition and is silky smooth in its operation on both up shifts and down shifts. The clutch is light and offers good feel for those starts from the lights or leaving the kerb. Victory Hammer S, dual front mm rotors with four-piston calipers.

The brakes on the Hammer are very good, with twin mm rotors and four piston calipers doing a great job at slowing the bike from speed. They were strong and predictable and showed no signs of fade even when pushed hard, very pleasing to find on a cruiser. The front tyre is also a perfect choice, the section by 18in diameter tyre is well suited to the forks and brakes of the Hammer offering great feel and feedback as you explore the limits of the bike.

Foot controls are well placed and functional, with a minimalist look that suits the theme of the Hammer. The switchblocks on the bars though, are far from minimal in their style — big and ugly is the best way to describe them. The levers and mirrors are good. Victory Hammer S, forward controls, the exposed master-cylinder is vulnerable to damage.

Victory Hammer S, dual analogue clocks with digital multifunction display. The overall look of the bike is nice, it appeals to the hot rodder with the paint work and styling and that massive back tyre adds to that look and style. With virtually no chrome on the bike and the finishes done in black it has that darker element to it as well, which all adds to the sport cruiser styling of the Hammer.

Not everyone will like the bike, but then that is what it is all about, we all like different things and we all want to have our own personality come through with the bikes we own. If the sport cruiser is where you want to be and what you want to ride, then the Victory Hammer S would be a bike to consider.

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A race-inspired inverted front fork and a wide, mm rear tire, as well as the five-spoked, black Stingray wheels increase its performance, while the lowered seat height, as opposed to its previous reincarnations, and the pulled-back handlebars, as well as the repositioned foot pegs, make it easier to ride, no matter the riders inseam or arm length.

And, being an 8-Ball model meant that its frame, engine accents and the front fork have been blacked-out, instead of the traditional chrome-plating, which makes for a more aggressive and modern two-wheeler.

The MY Victory Hammer is sports an air-cooled, four-stroke, cc, degree V-twin paired to a six-speed manual transmission with overdrive. The defining features of the hammer are the mm fat rear tire, the light Stingray cast wheels, a removable seat cowl and a race-inspired inverted front fork. Also, the low-seat height and the mid-mounted controls make for a comfortable position. The addition of the second front brake disc mean not only increased performance, but also a more safe machine.

Visually, it has a modern cruiser look, but still keeps elements from the golden era of cruisers, with lots of chrome-plating, such as on the exhaust system, the front fork and the wheels. It features high-end dual-disk front brakes, a new louder exhaust, as well as a race-inspired inverted front fork, which increase its overall performance and increase the desirability of this modern cruiser.

Other features such as the blacked-out exhaust, frame and engine accents, the mid-mounted controls, the removable passenger cowl as well as a revised paint and graphic scheme make this two-wheeler turn heads no matter where one rides it. At its heart lies an air-cooled, four-stroke, cc, degree V-twin powerhouse paired to a six-speed, manual transmission with overdrive. For riders who prefer bold, aggressive, muscular cruisers, the engineers from the House of Spirit Lake have launched the MY Victory Hammer 8-Ball.

With features such as the fat, mm rear tire, the big, 18" front, five-spoked Stingray wheel, and a race-inspired, inverted front fork, this two-wheeler is sure to stand out in any crowd. And, as in every 8-Ball model from Victory, the traditional chrome-plating on the exhaust, fork, frame and wheels has been replaced with a more aggressive, edgier and modern blacked-out paint.

At its heart lies the new, air-cooled, four-stroke, cc, degree V-twin powerhouse mated to a sturdy, six-speed manual transmission with an overdrive function. This engine is gritty enough for fast highway passes, and has a smooth power delivery for relaxed boulevard cruising.

The MY Victory Hammer S is a sportier version of the Hammer, with a race-inspired design and paint scheme, as well as improvements in its performance. As all Hammer models, it has a muscular, mm wide rear tire, with a high rear fender. Improved performance is ensured with the addition of dual-disc brakes and a race-inspired front fork. In has an overall sportier design, thanks to its blacked-out components such as the exhaust and the frame, as well as black wheels with a stylish, red pinstripe.

Also, the "S"-suffixed model has a custom, race-inspired paint and graphic scheme, offering a choice between Suede Black and Red with White Stripes, or White and Black Matte. As its previous embodiments, the MY Victory Hammer 8-Ball comes in a muscular, blacked-out modern design, which appeals to those riders who prefer a more aggressive cruiser.

The defining features of this model are the fat, mm rear tire, the race-inspired inverted front fork, the removable passenger cowl, as well as the characteristic 8-Ball blacked-out look. From the paint scheme to the engine accents, from the front fork to the exhaust system, all the elements on this machine are black, which makes for an aggressive two-wheeler, sure to stand out in any crowd.

At its heart lies a muscular, air-cooled, four-stroke, cc, degree V-twin powerplant mated to a six-speed manual transmission with an overdrive function. For riders who want a more aggressive-looking two-wheeler, the engineers from the House of Spirit Lake have launched the MY Victory Hammer 8-Ball.

At its heart lies a powerful, air-cooled, four-stroke, cc, degree V-twin powerhouse mated to a dependable, six-speed manual transmission with an overdrive function, which ensures increased highway passing capabilities, as well as a smooth power delivery for relaxed cruising.

It features a wide, mm rear tire, which gives it a muscular look, as well as the race-inspired, inverted front-fork. And, being an 8-Ball model, everything on this bike is blacked-out, from end to end. Besides the Black Gloss paint scheme, the exhaust, frame and engine accents have been blacked-out, as well as the wheels and the front fork, making for an overall modern and aggressive looking machine. The MY Victory Hammer 8-Ball has, at its heart, an air-cooled, four-stroke, cc, degree V-Twin powerhouse mated to a dependable, six-speed manual transmission with an overdrive function, which increases the performance output of the engine.

A race-derived, inverted cartridge fork enhances maneuverability as well as adding a nice visual touch. A fat, mm rear tire and a high-cut rear fender makes this machine similar to much more expensive custom two-wheelers. In true 8-Ball Victory Spirit, everything on this motorcycle is black, from end to end. Black exhaust, black headlight casing, black fork and black rims, besides the Solid Black paint-scheme, make this one of the most aggressive cruisers ever to have been designed by the House of Spirit Lake.

For cruiser fans who want a more modern touch to their machine, Victory have launched the MY Hammer 8-ball. At its heart lies a powerful, air-cooled, cc, degree V-twin powerhouse paired to a dependable, six-speed transmission with overdrive, which offers a smooth power delivery throughout the rev range, as well as enough kick for easy highway passes.

Race-inspired inverted forks give it an aggressive touch, and, with an 18" front wheel mounted at its end, it is sure to turn heads. Also, the 2-into-1 exhaust system with a distinctive triangular canister at the end gives it a custom-bike feel. In the aesthetics department, it features a Gloss Black paint scheme, with black engine accents and lots of chrome embellishments.

The Ness Rad III mirrors and the five-spoked aluminum wheels borrowed from the Vegas 8-ball further enhance the custom, modern and aggressive look of this two-wheeler. Victory Hammer Manufacturer Victory. Categories : Victory motorcycles Cruiser motorcycles s motorcycles s motorcycles Multiple Infoboxes.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit Edit source View history. Motorcycle Wiki Recent changes Random page Troubleshooting. Service Manual. Front: inverted cartridge telescopic fork, 43 mm diameter Rear: single, mono-tube gas, cast aluminum with rising rate linkage, preload adjustable spring. Front: double disc.

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