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Steingut colditz veb germany

steingut colditz veb germany

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Steingut colditz veb germany Ook leuk ter decoratie met bijv. Hoogte circa 15 cm. Ook te gebruiken als prullenbak. Doorsnede inclusief leeuwenkopjes circa 23 cm. Katoen, cm breed. Doorsnede 20 cm, hoogte 9 cm.


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Porzellanwerk Stadtlengsfeld and V. In Mr. Rudolf Vogler became manager and in initilized small modifications of the kilns shortly before he was replaced in by Gerhard Henniger which in turn was replaced by Helmut Deisenroth in who run the factory until he retired, making room for Ernst Roland as new manager. Everything remained quiet until January 5th when a large blaze nearly completely destroyed the factory.

Reconstruction was started and made good progress until May 19th when arson resulted in another large fire. Membership of the Stadtlengsfeld factory in this combine resulted in a modernization of the factory which included the construction of a new production building and the introduction of gas-fired tunnel kilns, the first of which is activated on June 12th Until three additional kilns of that type had been built and those four completely replaced the old round kilns. The number of employees had slowly increased proportionally to the expansion and at that time the factory employed people.

Over the next few years, the factory expanded even more; when Hartmut Kunath became director in he merely supervised the reconstruction of the existing railway connection and the replacement of the former oil heating with brown coal firing. Shortly before German reunification in the factory employed people. After German reunification, the company was restructured and privatized and during this process the number of employees was reduced to around people until Rathke as managing director and the following restructuring process once again reduced the number of employees, this time down to Bruckert was sales manager; after some minor structural changes in the company however, Bruckert decided to leave the company in Following the closure of the raw material processing unit after it was found cheaper to directly buy ready mixed porcelain masses in , the number of employees once again was reduced, this time to a mere 90 people.

The end of January saw the last firing of a tunnel kiln as it was replaced by a chamber kiln in Febuary. But business had not developed as had been expected and so on October 6th all remaining 75 employees together with the six remaining employees of the SRI Keramik G.

It seemed that all was lost and the factory was doomed. Former employee Erich J. With the money from the deal a completely new company was founded under the name of Gilitzer Porzellan Manufaktur G. The Gilitzer factory positioned itself as a middle-sized supplier for glass and porcelain retailers all over Germany but in the end ran into financial trouble, forcing the company to file for insolvency in March and subsequently caused the later November downfall of the factory in Wallendorf.

The glider depicted in some marks represents the history of this area as it is the birthplace of German glider technology and home of lots of famous glider pilots. Contact Me. Member Log In. Factory Index. Historical Notes. Book Errata. Essay Collection. Registration Marks, British. Registration Marks, German. Misrepresented 1 Marks. Misrepresented 2 Groups. Unidentified 1 Marks. Unidentified 2 Groups. Lower Saxony. North-Rhine Westphalia. Saar Basin. Manufacturer Links.

Other Links. Staehle K. Werkzeugfabrik, Berlin cop - Carl Urban Stanzwerk u. Greiner u. Geissler, Berlin-Steglitz crs - Paul Weyersberg u. Hofmann GmbH, Breslau csa - J. Wilmsmann GmbH, Halver ctu - Christ u. Zueschner, Koffer- u. Seibel, Metallwarenfabriken dnb - Borck u. Waldhausen, Inh.

Bruchmann, Sattler u. Ensink u. Otto Gehrckens, Leder- u. Schichau GmbH, Elbing dvw - Schoeller u. Nobel u. Mechanik, Teltow u. Steglitz hck - Georg A. Lerch GmbH, Lederwaren u. Janecek, Waffenwerke, Prague hft - H. Becker u. Gustav Burmester, Pyrotechnische Fabrik u. Stanzwerk, Schleusingen hld - C. Apparatebau, Luedenscheid hre - C. Motz u. Koenig u. Langer, Schrauben-, Metallwaren- u.

Federnfabrik, Chemnitz ja - R. Wunderlich Nachf. Sch' J. Schmidt, Riemberg? Staatliche Eisen-, Stahl- u.

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