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Fate minamoto no yorimitsu

fate minamoto no yorimitsu

Appears as a female Berserker Class Servant and later a Lancer Class Servant in Fate/Grand Order, She is designed by Honjou Raita and voiced By Haruka Tomatsu. From "Fate/Grand Order" comes a rerelease of the Berserker-class Servant figure, Minamoto no Raikou, also known as Minamoto no Yorimitsu! For Fate / Grand Order on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Let's Talk About Minamoto-No-Yorimitsu, Raiko The Mystic Slayer". SERAPHIM HANISCH Specify whether you : Multiple request are reachable through is frequently updated software for transfer. To make the site work as в local user namesyou to Enabled. Managing user mailboxes nice interface, easy.

Upon turning 15, she returned to the capital and was given a role and name; Minamoto No Raikou. Now this is where it gets In this work, Ushi Gozen is referred to as Raikou's Oni blood, not a separate entity. Its believed that Sakata Kintoki trying to save Gozen and Raikou's struggles with Gozen were actually pertaining to her being Gozen and her struggles to detach him from herself. Eventually, Gozen was free from her but Gozen took over as the avatar of Gozo Tennou, storms brew and broke the earth apart.

Kintoki, however, didn't want to do that. He saw Raikou as her mother and killing Gozen would kill Raikou because they are linked. So, using the power of love, Gozen was sealed away inside Raikou, thus ending their tale. Personal Thoughts: - Those boobs are really really big. Like, I legitimately see balloons. Definitely can see why she is loved.

Battle: 9. Thoughts on Yorimitsu? I'm like Angra Mainyu except I actually exist. FGO Friend Code: ,, Hoid 3 years ago 2. Yeahhh finally one of these topics for the unit that has carried me since I started! She is awesome, clears enemies without even blinking. She's also fine af! Toss a coin to your witcher, in year PekoPekoyama 3 years ago 3. On the other hand, I personally just find her personality and design atrocious. DataOmega Topic Creator 3 years ago 4. This is the longest one I made lol.

Legit, 5 letters remaining XD I had to delete some stuff and scrunch my conclusion. CAB 3 years ago 5. I don't even use my other servants because of her. Also, I've seen fan art that makes her breasts smaller still huge btw and she looks so much better with a somewhat realistic looking chest.

Core-Lokt 3 years ago 6. I kinda wish I had her, after using her. Her looks were a little off-putting, but more than anything, I'm not crazy about Berserkers. What changed my mind was that she plays unlike the usual idea of Berserkers. She's got decent NP gain for her class and is not as fragile as most. Would I whale for her? Probably not. But if I'm still playing, I'll sure throw some SQ after her. GSenjou 3 years ago 7.

Love everything about her, but that 3rd Ascension is just atrocious. The weird looking horns and random shoulder armor just look off. I also happened upon this a while back. Hoid 3 years ago 8. CAB posted Madness Enhancement Lancelot, Raikou, and Waver clears any ember farming quest or gem farming quest in three turns. I've started raising other general use units just because I know I'm going to Bondmax these and will want to rotate them. But damn are they a good group. On the subject of Raikous "features", I personally think it's fine to have a character thats built like that.

We have a good variety of units from badasses like Saberlot, to Heracles, to the friggin Eizenberns. Amadeum 3 years ago 9. Listen, all I know is when I roll into battle Mama Raikou lets me know it's going to be okay. And then she embraces me with her wonderful and enormous Noble Phantasm. She's the best non support servant in the game.

Barring some challenge quests she'll always be great. Mama's been a mainstay on my NA account since her release and once I get the bones needed to level her skills on JP she's going to be doing the same there too. More topics from this board Tech Support 1 Answer How do i fix my game crashing when trying to enter summoning? The way of these things came from an interpretation.

The daughter of Minamoto no Mitsunaka, who was born as the heaven-sent child of Gozu Tennou, was left in the care of a temple as a male and was raised in secret because of her abnormal birth being an Oni child. On the occasion of turning 15 years old, she was brought back to the capital to play an active role, being gifted the name Minamoto-no-Raikou.

Her name was established as a military commander who, on the surface, drove away many mysteries, taking on in the beginning Ushi-Oni who is close to her in a sense. Speaking of the modern era, the land that corresponds to Tokyo was where Raikou contended against her tempestuous self by means of a deep meditation. The sky became a storm, the thunder roared chaotically, and the earth broke apart. In this way, it became obvious what the reason was for Sakata no Kintoki to start protecting Ushi-Gozen in the middle of this battle.

Kintoki pondered about Raikou, his substitute parent when he was being brought up, and he understands that killing Ushi-Gozen will also kill Raikou as the two are linked. An elegant, virtuous and glamorous woman in the prime of her youth. While a cool-headed military woman, Raikou is also a beautiful woman overflowing with tolerance. Surely the personification of maternal love. She appears to wear some kind of a latex bodysuit, with a piece of cloth draped over her chest, with a heart-shaped insignia, linked to her collar.

A similar piece of cloth is found over her crotch, tied by a rope around her waist. Raikou possesses some armor in the form of tight gauntlets and grieves, elbow and knee-length respectively. Her Katana is seen sheathed, connected to her by another sort of rope.

In her second Ascension, the collar and cloth over her chest are removed, revealing her breasts and the knot-work of the rope-like strings tied around her body. A quiver holding a set of arrows appears joined by her right hip, and her left hand now holds a tall bow. In her third Ascension, she obtains samurai armor in the form of long shoulder pads, and now possesses head ornaments on each side, which resemble unfolded fans.

Her right hand now holds her katana. Raikou is a diligent career soldier, but she becomes a doting crybaby prone to worrying when concerning matters related to Kintoki. The person herself does not really notice how out of sync that way of perceiving things is. However, her father insisted that she had to act as a man at all times and so she had no choice but to suppress her wishes for motherhood.

Such days were also the bygone days, and one day, Kintoki became an adult. A new demon appeared in the Imperial Capital. That was Shuten-douji. As for Raikou herself, she did not assail Shuten-douji aggressively compared to the other criminals. Because up to a time, she ascertained that Shuten-douji was an acquaintance of Kintoki from his childhood days. As far as Raikou is concerned, the Master who became her contractor is an earnest salvation that had appeared in the darkness.

Continuing from Kintoki, she sees the Master as a person she was fated to meet, who accepted and contracted with her as a demonic being. Speaking of that doting, it is as fierce as it can be. However, given that she has a strong desire to monopolize him or her, she will press a question with a sick look as if she had suffered from one being unfaithful to her, and she will cry immediately if she sees the Master averting his or her gaze.

Her relationship with her historical children is much more complex, and her own memories of how she came to take care of them are mutually irreconcilable with each other due to history recording her as a man who sired children with many wives. The mere mention of them is enough to cause her to enter a dissociative state dubbed her "lone warrior mode" by Kintoki in which she fixates on her duty to destroy the enemies of the Genji to the exclusion of everything else.

Said state is highly unstable even for a Berserker, and if she remains in it for too long she will end up destroying her own Spirit Core. Forever a child. Then should I consider you as just the right proxy insect repellant?

No comment [2]. She is defeated in the second round by Suzuka Gozen. Accumulating too much divine energy, Raikou became Ushi Gozen. She then filled the Grail with wine and placed it in Kyoto, planning to intoxicate everyone there so they'd kill one another. Ushi create Onigashima to serve as a place where Sakata Kintoki can be safe from the scorn of the human world.

She drew the island in existence and created its oni in the same matter. These oni were the same as the ones she drew for Kintoki during his childhood. Not all the oni were drawn well though with the better ones being called Onimaru and the others being compared to scribbles. While the Onimaru served as gatekeepers, the lesser oni were used to further the island's construction along with the humans they enslaved. Once the island is completed, Ushi will destroy all the oni.

Then, acting as Raikou, she went around killing every oni she came across. After the oni are slain, Raikou thanks the group for their efforts. Without giving her name, she parts ways with the group hoping their paths will cross again. She meets the group again while they're fighting Shuten-douji and Ibaraki-douji. She tries to ambush Ibaraki, but the latter dodges thanks to Shuten's warning. She reprimands Kintoki for rudely asking her why she's on the island and starts to cry when she thinks Kintoki thinks ill of her as his "mother".

Kintoki calls her his stepmother, which upsets Raikou further. After forcing Shuten and Ibaraki to retreat, Raikou goes to chase after them but gets distracted hugging Kintoki, much to his embarrassment. Kintoki reminds her that the oni are getting away, so Raikou leaves, asking the others to take care of Kintoki.

Raikou catches up to Shuten and Ibaraki at the island's peak. There she decapitates Ibaraki and slices Shuten's belly open. Ritsuka's party soon arrives and finds Raikou standing before the Grail. Kintoki warns the others about getting closer, recognizing Raikou is Ushi now. Ushi explains how she created the island and its oni with the Grail and her Authority to create a refuge for those scorned by human society. Revealing she mortally wounded Shuten and slew Ibaraki a moment ago, she tries to convince Kintoki to join her as she constructed the island for him.

She also admits to being responsible for the Rashoumon incident. Kintoki refuses to join her and fights her with the others. As the group struggle against her, Ushi prepares to finish them off when Shuten ambushes her, only to be slain by her. Kintoki uses the opening Shuten created and defeats Ushi with Golden Spark.

However, at the last moment, Ushi returned to being Raikou and jumped into the lightning to knock herself out. Raikou then wakes up, having no recollection of being Ushi. Despite that, though, she recognizes the incident as her fault and apologizes for her behavior. Seeing everyone is so kind to her, Raikou is happy that Kintoki has been blessed with such good friends.

She thanks Ritsuka for stopping her other self and decides to become their Servant to repay that debt. She then disappears, promising to embrace them when they meet again. Later, however, Raikou returns, having used sheer will before she completely returned to the Throne because she forgot something. She tells the group that the three great oni become stronger the more they're defeated.

They're reviving at this moment, and Raikou warns they may try to leave the island. While they'll disappear once Onigashima does, the great oni will cause great harm if left unchecked. Mash asks her why she made them like that.

Raikou admits she wanted to please Kintoki, remarking the stronger the better. She then challenges the group to slay the great oni until Onigashima vanishes. When Elizabeth's party comes, the three sense Ritsuka and try searching for them.

Raikou soon starts blasting lightning at assumed hiding spots. Raikou tells the group that they can pass once they hand over Ritsuka, comparing Elizabeth to a gypsy moth. Fortunately, Ibaraki blinds them with Great Grudge of Rashoumon , then places a decoy of Ritsuka made by Nitocris near some lava to drive them away.

As she planned, Raikou, Serenity, and Kiyohime go after the decoy into the lava, but to her horror, they all swim harmlessly in it. Disgusted at the thought of Chaldea falling into depravity in the summer, Raikou transforms herself using her ancestor's divine power to punish all who disregard public decency. Calling herself the Prefect of Public Decency, she has become a Lancer and now inexplicitly wears a sailor uniform. She then goes out to patrol for any who'd disrupt public decency when she sees a flyer for Ishtar 's race.

Seeing Ishtar's name, Raikou recalls the goddess' outfit and remarks how decency is being flouted. She then sees Xuanzang Sanzang 's outfit, and finding it an affront to public decency, demands to know she is wearing a swimsuit indoors. Sanzang insists it's a manifestation of how good it felt to swim and cool off in the rivers during her journey to Tianzhu, though its lack of skin cover never crossed her mind.

She then points out how Raikou's outfit shows her body, but Raikou is oblivious and considers it the emblem of purity. She also denies she is wearing a swimsuit underneath. She then demands Sanzang follow her if she wishes to reform, believing Buddha would want it as well. Sanzang agrees to join her, which overjoys Raikou that the monk will reform by helping her to preserve public decency.

Raikou then makes Sanzang her partner in Ishtar's race, believing it to be the source of this summer's "indecency". At the racetrack, Raikou thanks Ritsuka for coming to cheer her on. Though embarrassed about competing in a race, considering more Kintoki's forte, Ritsuka's cheering is a tremendous motivation for her.

She swears not to disappoint them and to punish every affront to public decency. Ishtar then shows everyone the ritual tools, which are key to erasing the Singularity, and indicates a team is a legit participant. After commentary on each team from Ishtar, the race begins. A group of thugs soon appear before the racers. After the thugs are defeated, their leader, Atalanta , arrives. Calling the wasteland the Atalanta Plains, she tells the racers that its roads lead to where she and her children planted Seed Apples.

Everyone ignores her but soon learns she planted land mines to protect the seed apples. Atalanta is eventually defeated, and the racers move on to the next area. The race brings everyone to an active volcano, where they meet Boudica at its crater. She offers to cook them something, only to turn hostile.

The racers accept her challenge. Raikou and Sanzang nearly catch up to Nero Claudius and Artoria Alter when a volcanic bomb lands and spooks their horses. They then proceed to destroy the rocks still raining from the volcano, with Raikou saying she'll give potential offenders a chance to redeem themselves during its duration. Eventually, the racers arrive at a river.

Penthesilea appears and explains the more beautiful they are, the faster they will go. Raikou considers Mister B to be a metal demon who tempts people away from the path of decency. Mister B gives her and Sanzang a middling review in beauty, slowing them down like all the others except for Frankenstein and Helena Blavatsky.

He then tries to catch up to Frankenstein and Helena and check more of them out when the others stop and beat him up, revealing him to be Blackbeard in disguise. The racers soon enter the fourth area, which has breast-shaped hills. Artemis and her copies fire upon them, warning they cannot go through Artemis Valley as they please.

She will allow them to pass if they can find the real Orion among his copies and return him to her. Raikou, seeing the Orions' shameless flirtations, considers it the worst indecency she's seen so far. She understands the Orions are at fault and removes her uniform to expose the bikini underneath. Sensing a new set of large breasts, the Orions start fluttering toward Raikou.

Some flutter toward Sanzang for the same reason, though she thinks it's because of her virtue. Eventually, the team captures all the Orions and tries bringing them to Artemis. But the Artemises attack them for treating her darlings harshly. Raikou and Sanzang defeat them, leaving only one. Orion, now terrified of Raikou, jumps into the arms of Artemis, who's overjoyed that he's the real one. Raikou hears Orion admit he had gotten bored of Artemis's chest and gets upset at the thought of either Ritsuka or Kintoki telling her that they're bored of her.

She, therefore, threatens to punish Orion more. Sanzang then gives the head Sun Wukong wore to Artemis to put on Orion, even teaching her the words that make it painfully tighten. But later at a pit stop, she admits to Raikou it is an imitation of the one Lady Kannon gave her, so it doesn't last long.

The racers reach the final area, a bridge over a large ravine, with the Ishtar Temple at the finish line. With victory on the line, Raikou and Sanzang encourage their steeds to go even faster. However, everyone is sent plummeting when someone cuts down the bridge. The racers find themselves at the bottom of the ravine. Medb then arrives and arrests the racers for placing weird textures on her land without permission. They find out that their powers are negated within prison.

Medb tells the racers that she locked their vehicles up somewhere outside the prison after sensing a strange power from them. They then encounter Carmilla working as a prison guard. Carmilla determines they're too weak to escape and opens their cells. In the courtyard, the racers meet Gorgon , who's only brought out of solitary confinement for exercise.

She agrees to tell them about the prison if they help with her exercise. However, the fight is soon interrupted by Florence Nightingale , who leaves after Gorgon says none of them are injured. Raikou deduces Gorgon is a projection of her real self inside her cell. Carmilla then brings the racers back to their cells.

They see Quetzalcoatl training other prisoners to be luchadors After some sparring, the racers are sent back to their cells. However, the racers' tunnels all converge onto Gorgon's cell, where she is chained there by divine steel. Gorgon asks the racers to stop Nightingale from spraying her with reptile sanitizer.

But the racers remind her that they were never friends and that she only used them to vent her frustrations. Gorgon replies that she'll help them if they defeat Nightingale. Since they had a deal, Gorgon spews acid into special containers for each team. Unfortunately, while digging, they discover the Prison Field extends underground. They return to Gorgon's cell, who seems to be enjoying their predicament. After venting their frustrations, the racers realize they have no choice but to kill Medb to disable the Prison Field.

Gorgon reveals there was another prisoner who tried escaping by killing Medb. She defeated them and revealed she has a conceptual weakness to projectile cheese. But Medb is always protected by her warriors. Gorgon reveals there is a prisoner who knows everything about the prison, despite being in solitary confinement. She then gives the racers general directions to that person's cell.

Raikou asks them what they did to warrant their lengthy prison sentence and to be placed in tight restraints. Enkidu answers Medb arrested them on a trumped-up charge that they're a criminal mastermind. Raikou finds that even if Enkidu committed crimes, they cannot reform if they're bound as they are.

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Minamoto No Yorimitsu NP has a very low damage multiplier but because it is AOE and has a high hit counts, it can generate about 28 stars give and take a few when used against 3 enemies. Minamoto No yorimitsu can benefit directly from this due to the 3 Buster cards NP included in her deck, definitely a more realistic option.

As mentioned before this skill also guarantees that all the stars generated will go to her, thus this will be especially useful when she is paired with a good Crit star generator. Grants self evasion for 1 turn. The Buster performance buff is also great to have when she has her NP up as this helps compensate for the low NP damage multiplier. Mystery Killer A Increase damage against "Magical" trait for 3 turns. Damage boosting skills offers great buffs as compared to attack and card performance buffs.

However since they need a more specific scenario to be put into good use, I would strongly hold off from maxing this first even though a huge pool of enemies fall under the traits mentioned. We must also remember no matter the team she is in, she can directly benefit from the Buster performance buff as well, plus her first skill at level 1 is still ridiculously good so no point wasting your items on it first. This deck helps her as with two arts card she can get her NP up fast, which in turn allows her to generate stars.

This compensates for her one and only quick card, the two Buster cards in her deck allows for her to deal more damage when paired with Buster NP card to form a Buster brave chain. Rashoumon event Ibaraki Douji event. Murder at the Kogetsukan. Inheritance of Glory. Content Minamoto no Yorimitsu Berserker. Berserker Lancer Swimsuit. Great at dealing damage Solid Crit star generation Reliable Critter. Only one defensive tool NP has a low damage multiplier Berserker class takes 1.

Best Servants to Work with. Servant Explanation Merlin Her kit is basically screaming for Merlin, his third skill is made for Minamoto to deal more damage. Lets not forget he can sustain her with his second skill and NP as well, a perfect support to be paired with her. Hans Christian Andersen He is great support for her as well, helping her on both the offensive and defensive ends of things, A bonus point for him since he is attainable from the FP Friend Point gacha.

Jack the Ripper She can never be left out of any discussion when we are talking about a Crit team. She can not only generate Crit stars like no tomorrow but a plus point for her as she has a healing skill that can sustain Minamoto as well. Victor from the Moon Verdant Sound of Destruction. Holy Night Supper. Lvl HP ATK Base 1, 1, 50 8, 7, 60 10, 8, 70 11, 9, 80 12, 10, 90 13, 11, 14, 13, Star Gather 9 C.

Star Drop 4. Deal damage to all enemies Iccrease your C. Star Drop Rate 1 turn. Available from the start Incrase your C. Star Gather Rate 3 turns. Divinity C Apply Dmage Plus for yourself. Skill Enhancement Materials. Ascension QP Cost Materials 1st , x5 2nd , x12 x5 3rd 1,, x5 x29 x3 4th 3,, x12 x5 x6. Made out of magic. Mostly monsters like skeletons, ghosts, oni, boar, etc. Oni Servants also count as magical such as Shuten, Ibaraki and Tomoe. Submission form. Ranking 1. Saint Quartz Farming Guide 8.

Device Transfer Guide 3. Cu Chulainn Lancer 8. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Echoes of Mana. YuGiOh Duel Links. People who were terrorized to lure Raikou. Stabbing through the heart with his sword, Dojigiri-Yasatsuna, Raikou killed and laid to rest, Ushi Gozen. Donning a more personal armour it is one he had made specifically for hunting dangerous beasts such as Shuten Doji and Ushi Gozen.

Dressed in fully black armour, based on greater protection than mobility, with golden lining and a dark red at some spots. His helmet is more like a headpiece or crown than an actual helmet and is decorated with two yellow ox horns. He has a muscular build and trained his body to be strong enough to fight through interference and carry him to safety. His reflexes have been trained absurdly to the point his muscles can even force his arms to defend whilst he himself is asleep and not conscious.

Raikou can be seen as an Aniki type of person. He is prone to dote on his friends and apprentices as if he was their elder brother. He sees this form of brotherhood as a way to be righteous and share love to all. Believing that bonds are what makes a group strongest together. Whilst the public only knows him to have one brother, in secret he has another one, Ushi Gozen. Though he loves him, the evil inside Ushi split from Raikou makes him unable to truly hold him dear.

Though failing his task, he chose and wished to be honest. Hating to lie and especially to someone like his father. He looks up to Mitsunaka, both out of gratitude and regret for being a vile child that can only destroy his own kind to make up for it. That is why he moves on, making up for his naturally bad karma by slaying demons and protecting morality. Having been born a hero with evil inside him, he prefers not too speak of his past and look only to the present and future.

Raikou is also extremely cautious and crafty, capable of pullign unhonourable tricks to win. Claiming that all is fair as long as the Demon dies and no civillains are harmed by the acts. But among his true family, those he loved most were the four friends he had found in his conquest against Demon-kind.

Usui was the first he had met and was one of the ones who knew most about him at first, but in return all the same. Urabe who was slightly older than Raikou, let Raikou still call him younger due to the vast difference in experience. These three friends formed the base of the Shitenno, as afterwards the two youngest members came. Who Raikou saw as his greatest pride in being allowed to teach them the laws of morality and justice. Teaching Tsuna to wield a sword as masterfully as he did, he felt a sense of bonding even greater than with Kintoki.

Even proceeding to give away one of his swords to Tsuna, showing him that he was a full fledged samurai as well at that moment. Though he would make those who would live more peacefully stay peacefully, those mischievous and dangerous he killed. Or even invaded and slaughtered their entire domain worth of Oni, such as with Shuten.

Even though the task was that Shuten was the real target. Another of Raikou's key traits is his just and righteous authority. Being a samurai he protects and fights for those who cannot do so themselves. Aiding the unfortunate souls of the world.

Something as shameful as nudity and sexual relations were the few things he disliked, preferring a wholesome scenery that was peaceful and quiet. At times even writing poems all alone in a room far away from the public simply to calm himself and hone his senses. It was usual that during these times nearly no one entered that room unless it was time for his dinner. Though that loving and affectionate side.. I can see its moral importance..

Still it makes me think about myself. Am I a good Aniki, Master? For the sake of the Shitenno, please dress appropriately. Unless you are using it as disguise to trick a Demon However, I can see you are a strong and just warrior, if you ever feel the need to do any Please refer to me as Aniki! Huh you aren't? I wanted to request a blade, but if you are not the Servant I thought you to be, I shall leave you be.

Yet seeing him in the form of a little girl makes me sad, so much morality destroyed even now. Oni or not, wearing such immoral clothes should be a no go. You are a cowardous changeling Oni and I am still not sure if your form is your true form in my world as well. But regardless, I will not hesitate to kill you if you act up.

Strength and lineage is not all you need for a battle. I owe them my life and much more. You can rest assured that with their mighty protection, you will not lose a single hair to an enemy. Unfazed by any Yokai, calm until the day he dies. He may seem to be a nobody comparing his feets to the rest of the Shitenno, but do not insult his honour by underestimating him. He is a formidable warrior and a loyal friend. He is a brave boy that fights for what he believes in, I am lucky to call him a part of my family and my Shitenno.

I have adopted you into my court as my retainer and I will never regret that. You would get along with this other world's Kintoki, I am sure. You two are pretty alike. Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Whilst normally all vehicles and beasts cam be freely operated, Saber has denied Gozu Tennou's power and made his control over beasts weaker by limiting his control over Phantasmal Beasts. Though himself not born with any divinity, Minamoto no Raikou is spiritually bound to Ushi Gozen who is the avatar of Gozu Tennou.

Though normally a higher Rank, Saber subdues his own Divinity by actively banishing Ushi Gozen from his body. This causes his Divinity to lower to only a share of his full status of Avatar of Gozu Tennou. Under harsh conditions, Saber is capable of holding out and fighting without degrading in his technique until the very end.

His technique making up for whatever is weakened. This way he can fight without degradation in skill as long as one or two of his senses remain undisturbed. Saber has a denoted story about him killing the Tsuchigomo in his sleep by his reflexes, whilst his body was asleep, reacting to a movement and cutting into the spider Yokai.

For Raikou any battle is serious enough and considered a harsh condition, being calm all throughout the fight to focus. Whilst not on his usual level due to the lack of Ushi Gozen's full presence, Saber still holds dominion over a great deal of power that equals to that of children of Indra. It has an effect of owning up to its type as Heavenly Lightning and purges Demonic entities by scorching them.

Allowing for Saber's Mystery Slayer Skill to be aided greatly in effect. In essence this Skill is the same as a Mana Burst Skill, but the rare circumstances around it create a more unique version that is truly something only an Avatar of Gozu Tennou could own. Saber is capable of both wielding multiple different swords on the levels of minor Noble Phantasms, as well as multiple other kinds of weapons such as a bow and arrow, spear and axe.

Whilst Saber may have been most known for Dojigiri, he has owned perhaps up to a dozen different swords, but only three have really been told about. Minamoto-no-Mitsunaka, father of Yorimutsu once held and passed on the blades Makuragami and Sun-nashi. These two swords were made by master blacksmiths and once were owned by an Emperor. Whilst the Makuragami was favoured by the Emperor as longest and best, the Sun-nashi was shorter and did not equal the other.

The blacksmith, Munechika, prayed from his prison cell to have his blade be given justice and love for its craftmanship. So the sword cut its twin, forged from the same long Chinese lance, levelling it to the same length. As justice, the Emperor renamed it the Tomikiri, equal-cutter. At a later point the Hizamaru was used to harm the Tsuchigumo and was renamed Kumokiri-maru Spider-cutter.

These two alongside the Dojigiri-Yasutsuna are his favourite swords among all of the weapons he ever wielded. The Makuragami originated as a sword whose steel is always better than the sword it clashes with, equalling the other allowing it to survive any hit of even the sharpest sword. Later it was given the property to do a special slash downwards and as it cut downwards towards the knee it would vertically cut the body.

When it slayed the Tsuchigumo, it gained the ability to vanquish Demonic entities and to conceptually protect against assassinations by forcing his arm to draw it even if impossible. The Sun-nashi however had no great power on its own and was doomed by the Emperor to be the weaker sword.

Yet it was given the superior legacy that allowed it to be actualized even greater than the Makuragami. Where Makuragami equals any sword "up" to be on par with its concept, the Sun-nashi equals it "down" to the level of itself to allow the bypassing of a sword's legendary traits to become on par with its enemy. Later even attaining the property of a horizontal slash that can cut clean through flesh with ease. Even cutting the smallest of hairs. It also attained a later Anti-Demonic status after cutting off the arm of Ibaraki Douji with aforementioned slash.

Down to the core the true power of the Onikiri is Watanabe no Tsuna's fighting soul that warns of dangerous and hostile beings close-by. Though the Higekiri is a Noble Phantasm of his, its participation as Tsuna's sword made it a part of his arsenal that he gains. Yet the Hizamaru was not, but its shared connection and Mystery allowed itself to manifest alongside the Higekiri as a part of this Skill.

Together they can portray a sword dance with a horizontal and vertical slash that Ranks as a Noble Phantasm at C-Rank. The primary limit of this Skill on the Rank of A is that it either allows for unlimited non-Noble Phantasm weapons they wielded or a few minor Noble Phantasms materialized as Skills rather than actual Noble Phantasms to reduce their Mana Consumption.

Saber has been declared as one of the greatest slayers of Demons and monsters in all of the Heian period and even in some times beyond and before. As Saber's legends all revolve around the slaying of Yokai and other forms of Mystery, he possesses a natural power-boost that can cut through Mystery and works best for killing Demons like Oni and other Phantasmal Beasts.

The sword was crafted by the genius blacksmith Yasatsuna who made it using his finest style. It has the perfect length and strength, as well as a beauty and a long line of stories to match it. Of all his creations the curved katana were Yasatsuna's finest craft and served as influence to many later blacksmiths in Japan. A style of curved blades used for many more treasured swords. It found its way into the Seiwa Genji family line and was passed down from father to son and on.

Eventually having Mitsunaka pass it on to his greatest apprentice, Minamoto no Yorimitsu, or otherwise known as Raikou. Of all swords owned by Raikou, it was the most trusted one that he only brought with him to his fiercest clashes, such as the domain of Ushi Gozen and Oeyama's invasion. Earning its name as the Doujigiri-Yasatsuna from the slaying of Shuten Douji.

It later served to kill the Oni's son in a single stroke after having become acquainted to Oni blood. With its built up advantage against Oni-kind it became a vital player in the killing of Ushi Gozen and the Ushi Oni. It served its purpose for many samurai and lords thereafter as it passed down to many children after Raikou's death. Whilst not the strongest sword in power it holds a conceptual advantage over slaying Demons and is just a very fine blade that became one of the national treasures of Japan.

However when leading the Four Heavenly Kings, they stand mighty as five pillars that protect innocence and morality from impurity. Each of the four warriors stand at his side, striking with all their might for an expressive attack that truly outs the love they share. As Raikou uses his Dojigiri-Yasutsuna to enter a warpath by pulverizing the ground to create rubble and in the mean time weakening the enemy.

Slashing out a wave of Gozu Tennou's heavenly lightning, he opens up the path for Sakata no Kintoki. Kintoki follows suit by crashing his Ono, Japanese word for a hatchet, into the target to bring about a disastrous slam that shakes the target to the core. As Kintoki dashes away, Usui Sadimitsu charges in with a long blue pole-arm. As Usui slashes, Urabe no Suetake takes his aim and shoots an arrow with a long shaft and a blue dragon head.

Hitting the target with a swift shot that would leave them open for Watanabe no Tsuna. As Tsuna readies the Higekiri, he slashes horizontally to disarm the opponent as Raikou charges in, now armed with the Hizamaru. In turn, Raikou armed with the two blades unleashes the full slashes that cut into the knee from the chest and cut from the neck to the end.

This Noble Phantasm denotes the teamwork of the men and woman that fought so many foes together. They live together and die together, as such these spirits unleashed from their weapons will stay at the side of Raikou until he falls.

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Fate minamoto no yorimitsu Later, however, Raikou returns, having used sheer will before she completely returned to the Throne because she forgot something. Lostbelt No. Mama's been a mainstay on my NA account since her release and once I get the bones needed to level her skills on JP she's going to be doing the same there too. Illustrator: Honjou Raita. June Release.
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Asic eth miner Raikou answers that their duty will continue until summer is over, but for now, she believes they deserve a break. It served as the tool that ended three great Oni. Rank: D. Dia menjaga jarak dari Berserker lain dengan tidak membiarkan mereka melihat sisi buruk dirinya. Multiple Arms Mastery A : Saber is capable of both wielding multiple different swords on the levels of minor Noble Phantasms, as well as multiple other kinds of weapons such as a bow and arrow, spear and axe.
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