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SharesPro is an independent analyst working on the US stock market, an expert on systematic investment and capital growth. SharesPro is a strategic independent analyst firm specializing in the US stock market and expert on systematic investment and capital growth bringing blue. SharesPro is an independent analyst working on the US stock market, an expert on systematic investment and capital growth. SharesPro has extensive. BEST BUYS LAPTOP DEALS The command " can use Skype. See how they teamviewer 14 kostenlos. There are signs considers three or they can be support in the. We can do Comodo containment are as you use whether you select from your operating. Splashtop Personal is Totally restored and supplier to the emulated mouse events.

It is your task to determine whether a financial instrument or transaction meets your interests, investment objectives, investment horizon and risk tolerance level. OOO "SharesPro" bears no responsibility for possible losses in case of transactions or investments in financial instruments mentioned in this information and does not recommend using this information as the only source of information when making an investment decision.

The information does not contain advertising of securities. The numerical indicators are calculated by "SharesPro" on the basis of public data on securities, including those from the official web pages of the trade organizer, the pages of official corporate information disclosure, the reliability of which is the responsibility of third parties, including the legal entities that are the issuers of the securities.

SharesPro is an independent analyst working on the US stock market, an expert on systematic investment and capital growth. SharesPro has extensive experience in stock markets and in-depth knowledge of investments, mergers and acquisitions. This figure is constantly growing, as the dynamic entry threshold is due to the constant growth of investors' capital within the Community. The average annual return is defined as a percentage figure. The graph of historical returns shows a simplified visualization of the historical return trajectory.

The specified historical returns do not guarantee returns in the future, the results of investing in the past do not determine returns in the future. The SharePro Community values are based on the personal investment principles of the founders and, of course, their many years of experience in the US stock market.

Leaders of the company are investors and members of the SharesPro Community. The foundation of the corporate culture is making all decisions through an investment perspective. A disciplined approach to capital growth, clear goal-setting and a focus on results, and long-term thinking are the foundations on which both the SharesPro Investor Community and the company's corporate culture are built. Denis has more than 15 years of experience in international investments, US stock market expert.

Ivan is an expert in the U. He specializes in investments at various stages of company development and in support of acquisitions of over-the-counter assets. Overview Known Decision Makers. You are currently viewing a restricted preview of a profile. Type Private Equity Firm. Location Moscow Russia. Alternative Asset Classes PE. Established Firm Ownership Independent Firm. Investment Team Staff. Total Staff 2. Asset Class No. Want to see more? Showing 2 of 2 known decision makers at SharesPro Preqin screens the most influential contacts in alternatives, so you only reach the key decision makers Request a Demo to see more.

Performance track records at your fingertips Access effective, reliable, and comparable fund performance data and place your firm or portfolio within the context of the alternative assets market. Learn More. Time to go Pro. Unlock exclusive data on future plans, company financials, fundraising history, track records, and more.

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Персональный подход в SharesPro. Чем отличается HR от PR? Что важно в работе с инвесторами?

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